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Qualified teacher with 24 years' experience teaching SEN (Special Educational Needs), Maths, Science, English Language, Literature & Literacy, ICT, study-skills, revision techniques, exam techniques, social skills, preparing for exams including 11 + and school subject catch-ups or interventions to GCSE.  I have extensive experience supporting students with additional learning needs: ADD/ ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, speech and language delay, challenging behaviour, autism (including high functioning), visual or hearing impairments,EAL/ ESL, numerous other SEN/ SEND, SEMH, SEBD; devising and advising schools and professionals of individual learning needs, strategies, equipment and exam access; working in close liaison with school teachers, SENCo, heads of department, school head, specialist professionals and parents. I teach all ages from Primary level to GCSE and adults.
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Specialist Experience and Skills

I am a Qualified Teacher in Learning and Skills, with 25 years' experience in breaking learning down for students as well as developing individual skills, study skills, personalising strategies and preparing for exams, for all students needing intervention or with varied SEN (Special Educational Needs) teaching needs, covering English, Maths, Science and ICT. Preparation for exams including 11 +, termly assessments, end of year exams as well as GCSEs (across subjects). Help focuses on the individual skills your child needs to develop, development, revision techniques, school subject catch-ups o... Read More
I am a Qualified Teacher in Learning and Skills, with 25 years' experience in breaking learning down for students as well as developing individual skills, study skills, personalising strategies and preparing for exams, for all students needing intervention or with varied SEN (Special Educational Needs) teaching needs, covering English, Maths, Science and ICT. Preparation for exams including 11 +, termly assessments, end of year exams as well as GCSEs (across subjects). Help focuses on the individual skills your child needs to develop, development, revision techniques, school subject catch-ups or interventions. I teach all ages from Primary level to GCSE and adults, from beginner levels in any skills and subject to GCSE and higher.

I am trained and specialised in language and literacy, in assessing and supporting students with dyslexia, identifying additional or different learning needs including ADHD and autism, providing strategies to support students with SEN and speech and language delay, support and fast-track learners so that they can develop skills or acquire knowledge easily to achieve their learning goals or qualifications (from 11+ to GCSEs). This includes supporting learners with identified or unidentified learning needs and advising on exam access arrangements.

I have extensive experience supporting students with additional learning needs: ADHD, EAL/ ESL, language delay, challenging behaviour, speech and communication difficulties, autism (including high functioning), visual or hearing impairments, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia,  numerous other SEN/ SEND, SEMH, SEBD, PDA; devising and advising schools and professionals of individual learning needs, strategies, equipment and exam access; working in close liaison with school teachers, SENCo, heads of department, school head, specialist professionals and parents.

How I work: I break sessions into sections and vary the tasks to address the different skills needing development. This ensures a productive session each time and helps maintain focus and attention.  Sessions may cover quite a lot, depending on the needs and ability of the student, and if several subjects are covered.  Small homework tasks are given for practice if requested, and parents advised, as well as any new observations and strategies taught. I can also liaise with schools or produce a list of ways teachers can implement strategies or support within day-to-day teaching and school life. I am very experienced in planning programmes of learning based on the needs of the young person, adapting and modifying as required. This can be for one or more subjects (English, Maths and/or Science for example) and subjects can be integrated, especially in developing language or literacy skills across most subjects KS2, 3 and 4.

Sessions usually cover identifying new and better ways of working, developing the young person’s skills and personalising strategies to empower the young person to work confidently and independently. English and Maths are the most common priorities, generally, or working on particular sub-skills such as organising ideas, writing things down, improving presentation, expression or communication skills and teaching ways to be able to work better and more easily. I can also liaise with schools and produce a list of personalised strategies to help teachers and the school work more successfully with your child, with the aim that your child and their needs are better understood and feel supported.

My skills and experience developing students’ independence: all my work is about developing a student's independent learning and coping skills - be it developing personalised strategies for school, the classroom, making progress, doing better work, socially - at school, at break and lunchtimes, or for life in general, according to the individual's needs and parents' wishes.

Study-skills and exam-technique sessions: I help students to understand potential barriers to their learning, and how they can overcome such barriers so that they can answer questions more effectively and precisely - to become a better learner with better grades and outcomes.  Sometimes students find it challenging to know exactly how to interpret and answer questions. I help them to break questions down to make them more manageable, and then to answer questions accurately using the marking scheme. I present students with strategies to help them access exam papers, become more organised, prepared and independent so that they have ownership over their own learning.

My experience boosting confidence and self-esteem: I am extremely empathetic and sensitive to the needs of learners. I am very observant and work both with the child and parents. Students feel understood and co-operate well with me.  From the outset they receive positive feedback, suggestions and new strategies to make learning and completing tasks easier for them. Initial screening are not formal tests, but observing how a student works – and I will help them as required! Out of this new strategies and better ways of working are identified and shared with the young person, who then realises they can do tasks. Further practice is given, short homework tasks and reminders, and very quickly their levels of confidence and self-esteem rise.

My experience providing fun and engaging lessons: I have a great sense of humour that I use with students to ensure lessons are kept light and fun and learning is not seen as hard work or a chore. As a trained teacher, I ensure all lessons are engaging and that sessions cover a variety of tasks, activities and skills development to maintain focus and maximise the learning opportunities. I can cover a range of topics in a session which keeps sessions pacey, and will work at the speed your child can cope with. I add in breaks when required between or during activities according to the needs of your child.

My specialist skills and experience working with students with Autism: I have worked with a number of children on the Autistic Spectrum both in home tutoring and school settings. I teach in multi-sensory ways, in particular, visual strategies for learning and teaching concepts in English, Maths, Science or any subject needed. I can link learning to everyday concepts as well as the interests of your child. I am very calm, friendly, patient, fun and supportive and will work to get the best out of them on good days and bad days.

I can work with your child to set targets; understand and follow instructions; build in a structured approach to work, learning, activities; work to times, set and do timed activities; help your child understand the task requirement, adapting instructions, and even activities to meet the needs of your child such as for visual, audio or multi-sensory needs. I can break tasks down; set challenges to help them make personal progress in whatever they find challenging; build in breaks; work on their skills of social interaction and understanding  - all depending on the needs of your child.

My experience working with students with Autism and/or ADHD: I am extremely empathetic and sensitive to the needs of learners. I am friendly, personable, patient and approachable and all students feel comfortable with me. I have worked with a number of students with ADHD, those on the autistic spectrum and students with Asperger’s syndrome. I can work with the individual needs of young people, their particular behaviours and communication needs, working with you to support them to cope better in school and in day-to-day life.  I can work with your child on catch up for various subjects or specific subjects, organisational  skills and strategies, support for homework or focus on topics or skills they are behind or struggling with. I also can provide support for revision, preparation for exams or or preparation for 11+. I strive to ensure activities and resources are engaging and break activities down into manageable chunks which helps maintain focus, and help students realise their potential, as well as positive reinforcement and praise that build their confidence and self esteem.

My English tutoring sessions: I am very experienced in teaching English from beginner levels, primary Key stages 1-2, preparation for 11+, key stages 3 -4 and preparing students to feel confident in completing all the tasks and both papers for  GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.  I have worked with students of all levels and abilities, and am quick to identify as well as support any additional language, literacy, dyslexia or other issues that affect a student's progress and writing skills.

For GCSE Language and Literature I can work on all task requirements for both papers, helping your child understand the exam and task requirements, and develop their skills to read and understand questions, understand the kind of answer they must give, how to read, annotate and analyse texts including literature and poetry, how to compare texts, how to answer questions on both papers 1 and 2 of both GCSE Language and Literature papers. I can work with your child to develop their writing skills and written responses for each question type, as well as develop their creative writing skills for different purposes such as narrative, descriptive, formal, letter, report, article etc, plan their answers, structure their writing, develop their proof-reading skills. This includes structuring activities to develop your child to work to time allotted for tasks. I am familiar with the exam requirements of both AQA and Edexcel GCSE English Language and Literature papers, and can prepare you child to be secure in understanding and completing tasks to much higher levels, within allotted times. I can also deliver Functional English skills for students not yet ready for passing GCSE English. If your child will be using a scribe in their exams - I can teach your child how to work with a scribe and to give instructions.

My experience developing speech and interactive social communication skills: I have taught students in different educational settings to develop their communication skills for day to day, social and school / college / work settings - using effective listening strategies, appropriate language, to consider formality or informality of situations. Also, how  to build and develop friendships at school, how to listen and show respect to others, show empathy and understanding, to gauge mood, give appropriate responses, and deal with conflict. Sessions will develop your child's confidence to interact with others, build relationships and independence.

My skills and experience developing social skills including conflict resolution skills: I have worked with children both in and outside school settings to develop their confidence in communicating with others, dealing with conflict, trying to regulate their emotional response and make sense of a situation, so that they handle situations better without so much upset.

My experience working with students with Speech and Language Needs: I can also work with speech and language needs, using different phonologies for reading, speaking, developing clearer speech, developing confidence when speaking and interacting with others and use alternative methods of communication – such as visual cues, or images to use with your family, friends, at school, in the classroom, with teachers, general communication and feelings. I can work with the Speech and Language Therapist and follow their guidance and do exercises with your child. I am very experienced in teaching English language, speaking, developing fluency, word and sound formation, and building a young person's confidence and skills to communicate effectively day-to-day and for different situations. I can also advise schools on ways to communicate and include your child without putting them on the spot or embarrassing them.

My experience supporting children with demand avoidance behaviour and other behavioural needs. I have worked with a number of young people with demand avoidance, including communication, appropriate response, activity avoidance including eating issues. I work sensitively and co-operatively with children according to their needs, to develop their self-confidence, ensuring they remain in control and make good progress in subject or areas of need.

My skills and experience supporting children with their homework: I have worked with young learners KS1-2 at Saturday School intervention for English and Maths, and currently work with KS2 children with a range of learning or SEN needs to develop their Maths or English skills, as well as prepare for 11+. I have tutored several children at KS1 with their English reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, phonics and maths work. At KS2 this includes science and history. At KS3 and KS4, I have extensive experience supporting student with their homework at across all subjects up to GCSE.

My specialist skills and experience teaching Maths: I have been teaching Maths skills to students from KS1 and 2, preparation for 11+, and at KS3 -4 and preparation for GCSE Maths for almost ten years. I am very skilled at breaking down learning, boosting skills, plugging knowledge gaps, and covering the national curriculum from Key stages 1 to 4. For some students, literacy issues affect their Maths progress, so working on literacy issues, including dyslexia, in combination with Maths skills is very important. I am adept at making Maths visual or kinaesthetic and linked to a young persons' day-to day life. I can teach your child the Maths needed at Primary as well as secondary school, plug knowledge gaps, reteach concepts so your child learns how to do the Maths tasks, read Maths questions and problem solve as well as prepare for exams.  Reading Maths questions can be very difficult for many students, so teaching students to read the question carefully, identify the figures, establish the task type and what operations are needed,  are all skills I cover in all Maths sessions, in addition practising steps, showing workings and making final answers clear.

My specialist skills and experience teaching creative writing to students, including GCSE English: I have worked with KS2, 3 and 4 learners to develop their creative writing skills and ideas using: stimulus resources and pictures; introduce new vocabulary (particularly learning new adjectives, developing the use of synonyms and antonyms, and the use of prefixes and suffixes); plan writing, to use different writing techniques for effect, including considering who is writing, the genre and purpose of the writing, time, tense, use of descriptive language, and language and literary devices such as the use of metaphors, similes, personification, rhetorical questions; and learn strategies to remember what to include such as the acronym AFOREST. Genres may include poems, narrative, descriptive pieces, stories or speeches.

My specialist skills and experience helping students to start, plan and write stories include developing ideas from a word or a theme, doing simple mind maps to develop ideas and vocabulary, add in useful words. In writing we will look at effective planning, different ways to start a story, how to develop a story, how to add details, make interesting and varied sentences, add drama for effect, consider the perspective of writing (as an observer or actually there), time, thoughts, speech, conversations between people.

Start, plan, and write skills are core to all subjects and for all exams, in answering exam questions. I can work across most subjects, and can work with your child to develop personalised frameworks for effectively answering questions, in particular, for GCSE English Language or Literature papers 1 and 2, or other subjects requiring longer answers such as History.

My specialist skills and experience teaching inferring skills to students, including GCSE English: Reading skills such as skimming, scanning, reading for gist and understanding, locating information, understanding facts or opinions and inferred meanings are essential from KS2 to GCSE. I have worked with all ages of student to help develop reading skills, in particular inference skills in order to better understand the writer's meaning and intended effect on the reader (for GCSE and 11+).

My specialist skills and experience working with students with Dyslexia: I have been trained to assess and support students with dyslexia, and been using these skills in my teaching for over twenty years. I can develop personalised strategies with your child to help them cope and develop their skills in all subjects and classroom, according to the form of dyslexia or learning needs of your child - this could include in reading, writing, listening or speaking challenges they may experience due to having dyslexia (whether diagnosed or not). I can work with different phonologies to address sound / spelling challenges, writing, organisation, presentation, reading skills. To develop better spelling I can plan a spelling programme using the vocabulary your child needs to learn - at KS1, 2, 3, 4 or higher for school or any subjects (KS3-4+). I use multi-sensory learning to work on the particular areas and skills that students need to develop: processing, memory, spelling, organisation, planning and writing skills, proof-reading. Students rapidly pick up new skills and their personalised learning strategies boost their self-esteem and progress in school. To work on organisation and presentation, I will use your child's work as well as bring models, structures and frameworks to use  to help improve their writing skills (from ideas planning, structuring work, writing, self-correcting, proofreading. Also, verbalising ideas can be helpful, talking through ideas and while writing. I am trained to level 7 in teaching English language and literacy, from beginners to post GCSE levels.

My Science tutoring sessions, including GCSEs: You may feel your child is lacking confidence in Science  at school, or needs to be taught essential knowledge in a practical, hands-on or alternative way so your child learns about the world around us. I can cover different topics in Science at KS1, 2 and 3 - all essential preparation for GCSE Science (that is compulsory for all UK students). Science topics can be integrated with other skills, such as developing literacy and writing. Small-scale practical and hands-on science experiments, as well as creative projects crossing history, geography or art, and trips outdoors or to museums will enhance learning.  Science topics available: living things and habitats, plants, animals, human species, life cycles, evolution, states of matter, sound, light, electricity, properties and changes of materials, earth & space, forces.

Screening and assessing for Maths or English: In my initial session or two, I will do brief screening tasks that reflect the educational needs of the young person and the support needs identified by parents, the school or professionals. All observations are discussed with parents and the child, identifying useful strategies that will help and be incorporated into a plan for learning negotiated with you. Even from session one, strategies, tasks, and homework tasks will be given for your child to start practising working in new ways. Sometimes I may recommend referral to an optician or a specialist. I am very experienced in teaching English and Maths to diverse learners from starter level (Primary) to GCSE. I am trained in teaching language, communications and literacy to higher levels, also in assessing and supporting dyslexia. Please see other sections for particular support needs, or ask!

My experience scaffolding and developing skills: To help students make progress and achieve higher levels, skills and tasks sometimes need to be broken down and built up by scaffolding learning. That is, learning needs to be structured in order to build on existing skills whilst acquiring new skills, that need to be practised. Further practice is achieved through set homework tasks, giving strategies or goals for the child to implement during the week, in tasks, school work, in school, as well as checked or tested, revisited and added to in subsequent sessions.

My skills and experience providing guidance to parents with children with autism: I can also identify the particular learning needs or accommodations the school can make for your child, to work successfully with your child and ensure their emotional, social as well as teaching and learning needs are met. I can communicate with the school on your behalf if needed.

My experience supporting students in multi-subjects: I have worked for numerous years with students who are behind or have missed chunks of their education, the curriculum, sometimes  significant knowledge gaps arising out of school absence, illness, changing schools, changing curriculum or moving countries. I am adept at fast-tracking students to acquire the essential knowledge and skills to catch up as well as prepare for GCSE, across most subjects. I can also cover missed classwork and coursework. I am particularly experienced in teaching the skills for GCSE English Language and Literature and Maths.  Whilst in school, I liaise with the subject teachers. For tutoring I would need to know the exam boards for the subjects your son or daughter is taking, and ideally be given an idea of the curriculum covered so far in order to recap, catch up and move on.

My skills and experience working with Early Years (reception): I am familiar with child development, the national curriculum requirements and teaching needs of Early Years and Key Stage 1 pupils through my tutoring, Saturday School teaching and primary placements. I can support parents  and work with your child  to develop their speech and language, phonics, reading and literacy, writing skills – holding pencil, forming letters, words, numbers, and maths from basics. I can provide multi-sensory learning  and advise on activities and learning through play, and source appropriate resources to support your child’s development.

My experience developing fine motor skills: I can provide and advise on activities and resources to develop your child's fine motor skills that are needed to support their personal day-to-day and educational development such as holding pens, pencils, developing control in writing, holding cutlery, scissors, and developing confidence and control to draw and write.

My experience teaching phonics: I am a trained English language teacher and have taught phonics to young learners and newcomers to English, including improving speech and communications. I am experienced teaching 100 and 200 cvc High Frequency Words, as well as teaching phonics, sounds and spelling for students with dyslexia, processing, memory or writing challenges. I have been trained to assess, teach and support dyslexia and will strive to find ways to that work for your child. I often use different colours, multi-sensory and grouping sound / spelling patterns for words that students are familiar with, which accelerates their reading and writing skills.

My experience teaching students with Dyscalculia: I can work with your child using multi-sensory techniques to develop their maths skills. I can cover all national curriculum levels: key stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 - to GCSE or alternative Maths accreditation. Teaching will involve a lot of scaffolding and personalising strategies to learn, practise and remember techniques, as well as carry out operations, as well as working closely with parents and the school. I am happy to liaise with the school on learning priorities as well as advise on techniques and strategies

My experience preparing students for the 11+: I am experienced in preparing young learners for the 11+, including children who are behind in the curriculum, or have additional learning needs that have been hindering their progress. I can develop the core skills your child needs to compete effectively in 11+ entry assessments in all skills: Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning, for different boards (ISEB, GL, CAT 4, CEM, Durham, York etc). It would be helpful to know the schools you are considering applying for.

My experience preparing for the ‘Back-to-school’: Most students will feel anxious about returning to school or starting a new school after 5-6 months at home during Lockdown. I can work with your child to mentally and physically prepare them for returning to school, interacting with others, adapting to new schedules, being prepared to have new teachers, and feeling more confident in class – with classmates, teachers or support staff, doing tasks. I can also work with your child to develop their communication, interaction, organisation, English and Maths or other skills that would help them feel more ready to return to school and going into the next school year, as well as catch up in the skills or subjects you require.

My experience with students with Visual or Hearing Needs: I have worked with diverse students with visual or hearing impairments, with students that already have adjustments for learning and exams and those that do not yet, those who already use learning aids and technologies and those who are in need. I can work with your child and teachers to identify what works best for them, and advise on the adjustments needed in the classroom, for teaching, for resources and for assessments and exams. I can visit the school and liaise or meet with teachers / SENDCo / SaLT and other professionals, as well as provide advisory notes or run a briefing or training session for teachers. Classroom modifications may include: enlarging text or resources; finding alternative ways to teach and learn; guide the student, teacher (or both) to make use of technologies in the classroom for coursework, assessments, for exams; advise on the use of colours or sound, seating arrangements, helpful tools and equipment. I can modify resources as well as assist your child prepare their work or for assessments, and act as a scribe when required. I can locate and teach your child (and the school) how to use helpful resources or technologies and to ensure your child's needs are considered and included in all possible activities.  Basic technologies would include the use of Speech / Voice to Text as well as Text to Voice.  I can work with your child to develop their study skills to ensure they meet course requirements, as well as help prepare evidence to apply for exam access arrangements.    Please talk to me to discuss your needs.

Visual Stress: We all see colour differently and 1 in 10 people suffer visual stress which can affect a person's learning, behaviours and ultimate progress and success in school. Whilst screening for reading skills, I may use colour overlays to check for changes in reading fluency and decoding skills and to find out what colours help your child reading and processing information. Sometimes I may ask you to take your child for an eye test, and if there is a concern about visual stress, to be assessed for suitable tint to use when reading - either use of specific coloured overlay or tinted glasses. When a person suffers visual stress, the use of colour can drastically change the absorption and processing of information and your child can begin to make significant progress. I can advise the school of your child's needs in relation to teaching and learning resources, classroom seating and advise on teaching and learning needs when there are co-occurring difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia.

Collaborative Working: I work closely with young people and their families. I help develop personalised strategies, building on their strengths as well as building up their weaker skills. This could be to help with motivation, focus, organisation, memory, retention, processing, planning, writing skills, spelling, exam or study skills, as well as help with their learning tasks, homework, to catch up quickly in subjects they find hard or are behind in: not only English and Maths, but also Science, History, RE, Geography, Business, Design and Technology, Textiles, Food Technology, Art, and PE. I work independently, and can devise individual learning programmes, strategies and resources for specific needs, as well as follow guidance of professional: your child’s school teachers or specialists such as Speech and Language Therapists, Mental Health professionals, Educational Psychologists, Social Workers for looked after children. I can also liaise with schools or other professionals on your behalf. I am experienced with managing different learning needs and behaviours, and have worked with all ages, in primary intervention, secondary, FE college and university (under and postgraduate). I currently work in a secondary, with newcomers and any student requiring additional support in mainstream subjects, working 1:1 or small groups.

My experience teaching ESOL / EAL students: I have also years of experience teaching and preparing students for ESOL assessments and the IELTS English test (Academic and General Training Modules) for University entrance or UK Citizenship: with sixth-formers, adults, professionals, native English speakers to international professionals and academics (undergraduate and postgraduate), including medical professionals. I also work with native students and students who may have English as a second or third language, or have English as a first language but speak other languages at home. I can develop your / your child's English language or literacy skills for day to day life and work as well as academic study with the primary aim of helping achieve better success in school, studies and work, as well as achieve their potential. I am very experienced at identifying individual personal learning needs that enable fast tracking (and students to often jump two levels of achievement at low to mid levels, including achieving top scores with higher level students - for GCSEs and IELTS exams).

Please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements or concerns. Learning and support is a collaborative process between myself, the young person, the parents, the school and specialist professionals. The rate can be negotiable. I am able to work flexibly, including evenings and weekends.

My Teaching Philosophy

I work holistically and put the learner first with the aim that a student makes rapid progress and works independently. I am fun, down to earth, personable, practical, patient and work sensitively. Focussing on the tasks and learning process (how to do tasks effectively & well) enables students to feel comfortable, understand the mistakes they make or patterns they are in, and practice new personalised strategies to accomplish tasks confidently, quickly and effectively. I also work on organisational issues, social and emotional difficulties, behaviour and attitude, as well as physical issues with some students.

I need to find out a learner's strengths and weaknesses and prioritise developing their skills according to need, logical order, curriculum / school demands.  Learners quickly develop confidence and begin to make rapid progress working with me. I am used to working with students on good days and bad days, encouraging them with positive reinforcement of their achievements, giving them new strategies to make tasks easier, quicker and more successful. Also, helping them draw links in their learning, boosting self-esteem, confidence and ability to do tasks.

I am very down to earth, warm, friendly, extremely patient, kind, supportive, work with humour and sensitivity, and work according to getting the best out of the young learner. I work holistically, personalising learning and putting the young person at the centre of their learning, developing their independent learning skills. Learners quickly gain confidence in what they can do, raising their self esteem with noticeable rapid improvements in attitude, progress and achievements in other areas too. Students normally exceed expectations after a short time in their main schooling.

Something Sensational About Me

I am very kind, patient, fun, supportive, friendly, down to earth and love to travel.

As well as primarily teaching English and Maths, I am part-qualified Accountant and a fully trained Holistic Therapist. In identifying the specific individual learning needs of a young person, I will also look for and consider their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of health and well-being - all factors that can impinge on an individual, their attitude, learning needs and helping them overcoming obstacles to success.

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    • Monday 9:00 -15.00 - then 18:30 - 21:00
    • Tuesday 9:00 - 16.00 - then 19:00 - 22:00
    • Wednesday 9:00 - 16.00 - then 19.00 - 22:00
    • Thursday 9.00 - 15.00 - then 15.00 - 22.00
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    Qualifications and Training

    • Qualified Teacher: Teaching and Learning Skills (QTLS);
    • Qualified to masters level in teaching English (level 7 qualification- Cambridge Delta); Maths (level 4).
    • Trained and experienced in Literacy; Phonics; Communication; Dyslexia Assessment and Support; skills for Maths, Exams and Access Arrangements; Mental Health First Aid; Safeguarding (level 3 Designated Safeguard Lead).
    I am very keen on identifying additional learning needs, particularly undiagnosed and providing personalise... Read More
    • Qualified Teacher: Teaching and Learning Skills (QTLS);
    • Qualified to masters level in teaching English (level 7 qualification- Cambridge Delta); Maths (level 4).
    • Trained and experienced in Literacy; Phonics; Communication; Dyslexia Assessment and Support; skills for Maths, Exams and Access Arrangements; Mental Health First Aid; Safeguarding (level 3 Designated Safeguard Lead).
    I am very keen on identifying additional learning needs, particularly undiagnosed and providing personalised interventions and strategies for learners to make excellent progress and work independently. For example: visual and motor issues that impact their learning, receptive and productive skills. I am experienced with young people with literacy, speech or physical issues, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, SEN, SpLD, ADHD, SEBD, SEMH, Autistic Spectrum, Asperger's Syndrome. I had a lengthy career in education in London, working with native and newcomers (EAL / ESOL) from primary level up to preparing advanced level (A level and older students)  with academic English and Study Skills for university entrance (IELTS), at undergraduate and post-graduate level, including high flying overseas professionals.

    Choose me if…

    • Your child is needing additional support in one, two or more subjects; in particular, learning strategies, English, Maths, 11 + preparation, Confidence and Communication.
    • If your child is underachieving, may know they need help but don't know what they need.
    • Something is stopping them progressing across some or many subjects.
    • They need help to develop learning skills and strategies, tasks or subjects broken down and scaffolding, or to fill knowledge gaps.
    • Your child needs specialist support in dyslexia, dyscalculia, multi-sensory & visual strategies, memory, processing, organisation.


    Central London, North London, around North Circular, M1, M25, A1/ A41 (driving). Tube / Train: Northern / Jubilee Line


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      Gillian is an excellent tutor and was extremely helpful. Gillian has a wealth of knowledge in a broad range of subjects. It was very pleasing to see how patient Gillian is and how Gillian went beyond expectations in trying to find additional materials and resources in order to help.


      Gillian is a wonderfully qualified teacher with a wealth of knowledge. She teaches in the tried and true ways and is also able to reach into her bag of tricks to find new ways to help if kids don't understand the traditional methods. Her experience with many types of learning disabilities helps her try different methods until she finds the one that sticks. She is always willing to go the extra mile and has offered time and again to go out of her way to make things easy for us. She has also provided loads of learning materials. Thank you, Gillian, for all your hard work!


      I absolutely love Gillian! She is so kind and giving with her time and she works way above and beyond what is expected. Gillian has managed to instil confidence in my 9-year-old son who so badly needed it, especially during these unprecedented times. Not only does she work flexibly and is very versatile, she even includes my 8-year-old son into some of the lessons so he doesn't feel like he misses out. I would 100% recommend Gillian for many, many non-exhaustive reasons. Gillian thinks outside of the box and she has such a way with words that she's a calming and authoritative presence which has worked very well with my son. As a result, he has had a brilliant start to Year 5 and I can only put it down to Gillian's amazing approach every week. Don't think twice - Gillian is the best tutor we've ever had and I hope to continue our relationship with my middle one too, going forward.


      Gillian is a very kind ,caring and helpful tutor. Gillian has a passion for teaching and knows how to gets the student to open up while interacting in their studies. I highly recommend Gillian to anyone looking for tutoring and support.


      Gillian is very patient and dedicated. She has always gone an extra mile with my 2 children. Gillian can always adjust her planned lesson according to the mood of the children on a particular day, yet making her best to stick to the planned outcome. Highly recommended tutor!


      The best qualities that I have noticed working with Gillian is her light and friendly personality. Combined with over 2 decades of experience and willingness to help resolve even the most difficult problems with students breaking them down so they no longer appear hard for the students who didn't even have the skills. This makes Gillian a fantastic tutor. She is amazingly patient and very kind. Her lessons are always a joy to watch which I've done on many occasions. She is the person to go to for any parent whose child needs extra help. (Parent of boy, age 18, with anxiety challenges)


      I would like to express my deep gratitude for the professionalism and boundless respect for the teacher Gillian. I'm very glad that on advice I turned to her. My child got not only a teacher, but also found a friend. Gillian is always cheerful, friendly, explains topics in an accessible and intelligible way. Due to her teaching my child developed a lot more confidence and received an excellent mark in Mathematics and English at the end of this school year. (Mother of girl, age 12, with academic delays and processing issues)


      Gillian is a very professional, experienced tutor. She's able to identify her students' needs, and create engaging lessons for them. She's great at building strong relationships with both her students and their parents, and always goes the extra mile to facilitate learning. I really recommend she as a personal tutor.

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