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I am an experienced qualified teacher with 30 years of teaching experience. I have extensive experience teaching children and young adults with: autism, anxiety, mental health needs, PDA (pathological demand avoidance), SEMH, speech/language/ communication needs; ADHD, dyslexia, confidence and self-esteem issues, and SEBD. I have worked with children who have had physical illnesses such as cerebral palsy and taught children who are both severely visually or hearing impaired and those with a colourful range of other physical disabilities and in working with these children.

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Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, North London, Online, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and West London





4 Reviews on “Debbie”

4 reviews
  • Jayne

    Debbie has somehow managed to engage with my Autistic, PDA, selective mutism and engagement, teenager! Debbie is the first person ever who has successfully connected with my son. Thank you Debbie and of course to SENsational Tutors.

  • Allie

    Debbie is a fantastic, proactive, organised, positive tutor with a wealth of experience.

  • Louise Kilgannon

    Debbie has been working with my daughter Violet for the past 8 months or longer. My daughter Violet has a diagnosis of autism, anxiety and dyslexia.
    Violet struggled greatly to interact or do anything with anyone.
    when Violet met Debbie she warmed to her very quickly and now Debbie is like a second Mum to Violet.
    Violet trusts Debbie completely and does so much work with her confidently, And has come on leaps and bounds.
    Violet is able to talks at ease, Violet is able to ask for help, Violet is able to do many things now that she struggled with before , and this is all because of Debbie and the wonderful way that she has taught my daughter.
    Violet wishes to keep Debbie until she’s 18 or longer if she could as she truly loves the learning that she does with Debbie. It makes Violet feel very good about herself very confident and clever and able to achieve.
    I thank Debbie so much for all the hard work she’s done with violet , her patience the time the love and hard work but she has to make Violet more confident And less anxious and able to engage in her education again.
    Violets smiles and it brightens up her day Whenever she sees Debbie for her lessons.
    Violet looks forward to seeing her and her lessons with her. It really makes a huge difference to her education and her confidence and her anxiety, thank you to Debbie. Debbie also has worked with my Older daughter and son.
    Violet and myself Would highly recommend Debbie as a tutor.
    She’s magic and has a wonderful way with teaching children.

  • Sarah

    I cannot speak highly enough of the Debbie from SENsational Tutors who came to our family’s aid during a time of utter crisis. From the moment she stepped through our door, it was evident that we were in the presence of someone truly exceptional. Her wealth of experience in working with children with special educational needs was immediately apparent, and she seamlessly adapted to our unique and challenging situation with remarkable expertise.

    Our child, who has complex learning difficulties, was struggling immensely, and as parents, we felt overwhelmed and helpless. However, Debbie brought not only her extensive knowledge and professional skills but also an incredible warmth and empathy that helped transform our home environment. She connected with our child on a level we had never seen before, understanding their needs, frustrations, and strengths in a way that was both insightful and compassionate.

    Her approach was holistic, taking into consideration not just the academic requirements but also the emotional and social aspects of our child’s development. She created a tailored plan that was both challenging and achievable, and her patience and encouragement fostered a sense of confidence and motivation in our child that had been missing for so long.

    What truly sets her apart is her personal touch. She took the time to get to know our family, understanding the dynamics and challenges we face daily. Her empathy and genuine care extended beyond just the educational needs; she supported us as a family unit, offering invaluable advice and strategies that have had a profound impact on our overall well-being.

    In a time of darkness, she brought light and hope back into our lives. Her dedication, professionalism, and heartfelt approach have made an immeasurable difference. We are eternally grateful for her presence and cannot recommend her highly enough to any family in need of SEND support. She is not just a tutor but a beacon of positivity and change.

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Qualifications and Training

  • BA (Hons) English and Victorian Studies
  • PGCE English and Drama
  • Teaching non-specialist subjects (2 day course)
  • Raising aspirations and improving performance of boys at KS4
  • Paediatric First Aid Certificate
  • Teaching Grammar to KS3
  • Raising Ds to Cs at KS4  (Grade 3 to 4)
  • Ongoing ASD training by the specialist ASD units in the schools where I taught for 7 years
  • MAPA trained (Managing aggressive and potentially aggressive students)
  • Certificate in Advanced Professional Practice (Gifted and Talented was my focus)
  • Differentiation: New strategies and solutions
  • Level 2 Safeguarding certificate
  • Prevent certificate

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