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Vision and Benefits

Helping and Supporting
You as Parents and Professionals

Being a parent, carer or professional working with a child or young adult with SEN is a personal journey.

Wherever you are on that journey, the tutors aim to help you feel fully supported, understood and empowered to make the best decisions for your child, their development and their future.

They specialise in working with children with special needs including: autism, ADHD/ ADD, dyslexia, speech and communication needs, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, working memory/ processing difficulties, sensory needs, behavioural needs/ PDA, medical and complex needs and other SEN.

Bespoke and Fun Sessions

The SEN tutors make sure their teaching sessions are fun, creative, and involve active learning to foster a love of learning in your child or young adult for themselves. Their approach is to teach the child tools and strategies which will boost independence, engagement and self-esteem.

The SEN tutors and professionals take their time to get to know your son or daughter so they can understand how they learn best. They adapt their teaching styles, work at a pace which works best for your child, and can use a number of specialist tools, strategies and interventions to suit your child’s personal needs. The aim is for every single child and young person to feel confident whilst progressing fully towards their individual targets.

Trust, Rapport and Personality

In addition to SEN training, skills and experience, we believe that trust and personality is essential. The tutor should be a trusted and committed adult who your child can have fun with and rely on to understand your child’s individual needs and quirks, which will help them to develop confidence and put a big smile on their face!

Helping you at Home

The tutors and professionals are able to provide ideas or advice for you to help at home. That’s also included as part of their service! This may include providing strategies for you to use, homework to consolidate their learning, or ideas about how to peak to school or local authorities.

Collaboration and Multi-Disciplinary Teamwork

We believe that collaboration and team-work is key to help you feel fully supported and understood. Whenever possible, the SEN tutors and professionals aim to connect with teachers, SENCos and other professionals (e.g. speech and language therapists, OTs) so that your child is fully supported in all areas of their development.

What is the Vision?

SENsational Tutors’ vision is to enable every child with SEN or additional needs to reach their true potential with bespoke, highly personalised specialist tutoring support. The tutors aim to provide an alternative and holistic approach to learning. They are able to support and enhance many areas of a child’s development including:

What are the Benefits?

Highly Experienced SEN Tutors

The SEN tutors and specialists have extensive experience and training working with children with a range of needs including: autism, PDA, dyslexia, anxiety, dyspraxia, ADHD/ ADD, sensory needs, speech and language difficulties, social and mental health needs and other SEN.

Fun and Engaging Sessions

The SEN tutors aim to ensure that sessions are fun, engaging and incorporate your child’s hobbies and interests to foster a love of learning for your child or young adult. They aim to use tools and strategies to boost your child’s independence, engagement and self-esteem.

Strategies and Interventions

The tutors adapt their teaching styles, work at a pace which works best for your child, and can use a number of specialist tools, strategies and interventions to suit your child’s individual needs.

Trust and Rapport

The SEN tutors endeavour to develop a trusting and positive relationship with your child to understand how they learn best. The aim is for every single child and young person to feel confident whilst progressing fully towards fulfilling their potential. We believe that this relationship is why your child will love working with their SENsational Tutor.

Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem

The SEN tutors endeavour to provide sessions that are especially planned, prepared and delivered in accordance with your child’s individual needs, hobbies and interests. The aim is for your child to enjoy learning, have a big smile on their face and to develop a ‘can do’ attitude.

Helping You at Home

The SEN tutors may be able to provide you with a further understanding about your child’s individual needs. They can communicate directly with schools or colleges so that you feel that.

Your Child Reaches their Potential

The SEN tutors endeavour to create and deliver bespoke 1:1 specialist SEN home-based, school-based, online or home-schooling sessions to children and young adults ages 4-25, of all abilities and needs. Sessions are specifically tailored towards your child or young adult’s individual SEN requirements to help them reach their full potential.

Qualified, Highly-Experienced and
Skilled SEN/SEND Tutors

You can search the platform of SEN tutors who have specialist training and skills, experience and personality to unlock and fulfil your child’s potential.

This includes:

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Trained in Providing Specialist SEN Strategies and Interventions

Your child can receive support from tutors who are trained and experienced in using a wide range of SEN strategies and interventions to help them reach their potential.

The list below is an example of tools, strategies and interventions that can be incorporated into your child’s bespoke, tailor-made sessions:

Parents can’t believe the benefits of hiring a SENsational Tutor. Read some of the feedback.

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