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A Full List of the SEN Needs the Tutors Support

Specialist SEN support for children and young adults with...


Tutors working with children with anxiety aim to boost their confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, so they believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

ASC (ASD/ Autism)

Tutors working with autistic children have knowledge and understanding of strategies that aim to support all areas of the child’s development.



Tutors working with dyslexic children have the skills and experience which aim to improve reading, writing and spelling skills as well as associated needs such as slow processing and working memory difficulties.


Tutors working with children with ADHD and/or ADD have knowledge and experience with strategies that help children with ADHD/ ADD focus and access learning.


Tutors working with children who have experienced trauma will have completed additional training in trauma-informed teaching practises and/or have substantial professional experience.

PDA OR BehaviouraL NEEDS

Tutors working with PDAers  understand the importance of developing trust, rapport and a positive working relationship.

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