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Highly experienced qualified teacher and SEN tutor; over 20 years experience teaching in all primary key stages, specialist settings and private tuition; Former assistant head for teaching and learning, behaviour lead, SENCO, EYFS lead, phase leader, nurture teacher, social inclusion. Extensive experience working with students with speech, language and communication needs, ADHD, autism, PDA, SEMH, behavioural needs, anxiety and other SEN.


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Kingston Upon Thames, North London, Richmond, South West London, Surrey, and West London





8 Reviews on “Simone”

8 reviews
  • GM

    SENsational Tutors found us an incredible tutor match with Simone. A genuine great match, not just a theoretical ‘fit’ for the sake of it, like some companies can do for ease. Simone has built a lovely relationship with our child, she knows exactly how to get the best out of our child and has turned learning into something really enjoyable. As a result, there has been tremendous progress at school, which was recognised by moving up reading group! We were over the moon! THANK YOU so much!!

  • Zoe W

    Due to our son’s additional needs (ADHD & PDA) we needed someone who could adapt their teaching method, and build a trustworthy bond with our son. Simone has done just that. For the past 8 months, listening to her teach Elijah has been a joy; they have great fun and he clearly respects her and responds well to her friendly, yet thorough approach. He’s basically like a different child when he’s with Simone – less stressed, happier, enjoying learning again, motivated and calm. I would say that without Simone’s help, Elijah wouldn’t have made it through to the new secondary school that he’ll start in September. Thank you Simone!

  • Orlando Roberts

    We have been so delighted by Simone. She is amazing with our daughter Olive – Simone has a great way of handling her, knowing how to get the best out of Olive which helps her focus SO much better. The sessions during the summer have been great, well-structured and we have seen Olive come on in leaps and bounds! We will try and use SEN Tutors again next holidays – I say try because they are so oversubscribed and we can see why!

  • Louise Roberts

    Simone is FANTASTIC – fun, patient and brilliant with our daughter. She has an amazing way with children and we have genuinely seen a huge improvement in our daughter’s concentration and focus!

  • Michelle Austin

    I fully recommend Simone as a tutor. My child has autism, ADHD and anxiety. She struggles to engage with others and make friends. Simone came into our lives and my daughter has blossomed. She looks forward to her weekly sessions of talk therapy with arts and crafts. I hear the laughter coming out of the room and it makes me feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Marysia Taylor

    Simone has made such a difference to my son. My child has been out of school for some time. He struggles to engage with others and make friends. My son loves his lessons with Simone. They talk, laugh and do lots of wonderful arts and crafts activities. Simone has built an absolutely fabulous relationship with both my boys. They have progressed from hiding, door closed, zero interaction, resistant and hugely anxious… to now chatting smiling and playing games together. Simone has built up the boys’ trust and her persistent smiles and positivity have been hard for them to resist. Over many months she has shown them that she is calm, consistent, encouraging, empathic and resilient. I can see that now she has won their engagement she is starting to gradually introduce “educational concepts and skills” to them and initially so subtly, that my boys won’t even realise. My boys (Year 6 & 7) have extensive and complex special needs; Autism, ADHD, PDA, visual and sensory processing disorders and are awaiting Dyslexia-Dyscalculia-Dyspraxia assessments. Both are Emotional Related School Avoidant (ERSA) and have been out of formal education for years. They had become totally alienated, fearful and avoidant of anything or anyone “educational”. As a parent, I can’t put a price on watching my boys start to emerge from their “hiding”. Thank you, thank you, thank you Simone.

  • Ramita Anand

    We have been so pleased with the help and support Simone has provided our family, especially our son who has additional learning differences. Simone’s expertise, patience, optimism and hard work have resulted in my son building a strong a rapport with her and feeling more confident in his ability to showcase his potential. We’ve had a difficult time landing the right educational setting for him and feel very grateful that Simone has been able to work closely with him to provide him with the learning he is missing from his current school setting. She is creative in her methods, clear on her expectations and has a wealth of appropriate resources to explore fun and interesting ways to bring our son along. He always looks forward to seeing her and she brings a wonderful energy of a ‘can do’ attitude that offers us as parents so much solace. Raising a child with differences is never easy, having a helping hand from a reliable and positive source, like this company has made the last two terms so much easier to juggle. Simone has brought out the best in our son, always there to offer advice and support and works with a great level of professionalism and care. Joanna is working hard to run very useful and important service for many parents like us, we are so thankful.

  • Simone

    Simone is a total legend. My daughter has been out of school for over a year and refused to interact with most professionals. From day one Simone set out clear boundaries and structure and with a touch of her joyous magic, created a fun environment which allowed my child to engage and build trust. Simone sent weekly lesson plans, so my daughter had a clear understanding of what they would be doing. My daughter never refused to interact and Simone subtly built on their shared love of animals, to make her transitional difficulties go smoothly.

    I would completely recommend Simone.

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Qualifications and Training

  • QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)
  • PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education)
  • BSc Honours Degree in Psychology
  • Philosophy for Children
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • Letters and Sounds phonics programme
  • The Power of Reading
  • Power Maths
  • Maths Mastery
  • Year 2 and Year 6 SAT’s moderation
  • Nurture Teacher training

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