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Specialist SEN Private Online Tuition

The SEN tutors offer online tutoring lessons to students with SEN including those with:
All over the world!
Will online tutoring be suitable for my child?
We believe that online tutoring can support 95% of children and young adults with SEN, regardless of their individual needs or diagnosis.

Numerous studies and educational psychologists suggest that children and young adults with SEN benefit from a multi-sensory, visual approach. We certainly agree and the specialist tutors will continue to incorporate this into their online sessions.

Indeed, technology has advanced rapidly which ensures multi-sensory, engaging and fun sessions can indeed be conducted remotely. We have therefore proved that online tutoring CAN be suitable and accessible to children and young adults SEN!
Do you live outside of London or overseas?

Many of us have had to adapt to video calls during the pandemic and have seen how this technology makes it so easy for people all over the world to communicate. Online lessons delivered in this way can be the perfect solution for families who live outside of London or surrounding areas, or those who live overseas or travel but still boost their children’s education while they’re having fun.

The tutors are currently teaching students who live all over the world!

Feedback about online sessions with a SENsational Tutor

“He is so engaged and absolutely loves his lessons!”

“I would never have considered online sessions for my child (age 7) with autism and ADHD, but I knew that I had to try. What a pleasant surprise! He is so engaged and absolutely loves his sessions!”

“We can highly recommend Lucy as an online tutor for children with dyslexia/ dysgraphia.
Lucy is tutoring our 7 year old son who has Dysgraphia in virtual lessons. We have been amazed at how varied, creative and tailored Lucy designs those lessons. Our son has a great time while learning and training lots of different skills!”

The tutors at SENsational Tutors have experience providing fun,
bespoke sessions using Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype and other platforms. Documents can be annotated with interactive
whiteboards, documents can be shared, games can be played and activities can be completed; all in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Specialist SEN tutoring and support is available for your child at your fingertips – regardless of your location. Contact us to discuss how the specialist tutors can help boost your child’s confidence, and unlock and fulfil their true potential.

Any questions about our online SEN tutoring?

"After my son's diagnosis of Dyslexia, we were put in touch with SENsational Tutors. The Zoom lessons worked incredibly well and he has blossomed. "

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