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Expert SEN Tutors For Your EOTAS Package

We provide expert SEN tutors for parents who have EOTAS funding and are looking to arrange expert special needs tuition for their child or young person. We can either be commissioned directly by a local authority or via a personal budget.

Get The Right Specialist Tuition

Many people choose to use part of EOTAS budgets to hire tutors who have expert knowledge of working with children with SEN.
Working one-to-one with a child allows a tutor to take the time to get to know the student and to guide them at their own pace, away from the constraints of a classroom.

Naturally, this can help reduce a young person’s anxiety – often a major factor in special needs – which, in turn, builds trust. In addition to boosting academic skills, a tutor may also be taken on to teach life skills, taking a child out and about on public transport, for example, or to visit museums or take part in sports.

Freed from having to ‘fit in’ at a school or college, many youngsters reportedly become calmer and happier with such a personalised approach.

Meet Some of the Tutors

Take a peek at some our the experienced SEN Tutors ready to get your EOTAS Package into action!


Ayanna has a unique passion, knowledge and understanding for supporting children with special educational needs, including those who have ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, developmental coordination disorder (previously dyspraxia) and those on the autism spectrum. 


 18 years’ experience within education covering the primary curriculum KS1/KS2 through secondary and Further Education KS3,4 and 5 (FE) to Higher Education Level (HE).  Experience and skills not limited to; ASC, ADD/ADHD, selective mutism, PDA, Global developmental delay.


8 years experience working as a teacher within a SEN school, recently leading a satellite class. Taught a range of ages, mostly aged between EYFS and KS1. Specialisms: pupils with ASD, PDA, behavioural needs, communication/ language needs, and ADHD, but have also a large amount of experience with GDD and downs syndrome.

"SENsational Tutors take great care to make sure that students are matched with a tutor who has the right skill set and experience to provide the best provision. Students with special educational needs require personalised and creative provision that mainstream schools often struggle to provide. SENsational Tutors can provide that specialised input to help your child thrive."

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