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 Many parents are worried about their child’s progress, particularly if they have special needs. Should they spend the summer, they wonder, trying to catch up on schoolwork instead? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be an ‘either-or’ decision. SENsational Tutors have travelled to support families and children all over the world including Israel, Marbella, Monaco, France, Spain and Germany.

How Can a Travelling or
Overseas SEN Tutor Help?

A tutor with expert knowledge of working with kids with SEN can travel with you to plan and deliver holistic and bespoke 1:1 programmes, taking your child’s interests and individual needs into account.

Siblings can also be included if required. Tutors can work short-term, for a few weeks whilst you are on holiday, or longer-term for example if you are live permanently overseas or you are relocating to another country.

A Win-Win Experience

Everybody wins – the child keeps growing in confidence due to expert specialist support, whilst you, the parents, can relax and feel reassured, knowing that your son or daughter is learning and making progress.

A Parent’s Experience

Mr Alex hired a specialist tutor for his son, Oscar, aged thirteen. The family were planning to move from Switzerland to the UK and wanted to make sure the boy would be at the right level to slot into the curriculum at his new school.

“His main challenge was English writing but he also struggled with several areas in maths,” he explains,“Joanna from SENsational Tutors delivered fantastic results and we noticed a turnaround in Oscar’s performance after just a couple of weeks. He really looked forward to every lesson and for the first time, started approaching his writing homework with such eagerness and motivation that we couldn’t believe it! The sessions themselves were a wonderful balance between hard work and fun and always full of inspiration.”

Although Oscar wasn’t usually a quick learner, Alex continues, the family noticed a huge improvement in his confidence and motivation after two months. He eventually joined his new school in London, enthusiastic about the new life ahead of him.

“Many thanks to Joanna,”he concludes,“She has made a big difference and delivered a great learning experience to Oscar, along with some magic tricks whose secrets she would never reveal!”

What Will I Receive and What’s Included?

Whether you are travelling in the UK or overseas, your travelling tutor will go the ‘extra-mile’ to provide the highest-quality service.

You will receive:

Prices vary depending on the skills and experience of your chosen SENsational Tutor and travel and accommodation costs will be
considered as additional.

Contact SENsational tutors to discuss short or long-term travelling or overseas packages for your son or daughter with special needs.

"We were moving from Switzerland to the UK, and my son Oscar needed a Maths and English boost to be up to speed with the UK curriculum. Joanna from Sensational Tutors delivered fantastic results - we saw a turnaround in Oscar’s performance already after a couple of weeks. For the first time he was doing his writing homework with such eagerness and motivation that we couldn’t believe it - total magic 🙂 Many thanks to Joanna. She has made a big difference and delivered a great learning experience to Oscar! Top quality (and some magic tricks that she would never disclose :-)"

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