Award Winning

Winner of the UK's People's Choice Tuition Agency of the Year 2023
The UK's favourite tutoring agency

Award Winning

Winner of the UK's People's Choice Tuition Agency of the Year 2023
The UK's favourite tutoring agency

Experienced & Qualified
SEN Tutors in Manchester

We provide expert SEN Tutors across the Manchester area specialising in:
ASC (autism), anxiety, PDA, ADD/ADHD, SEMH, dyslexia, trauma and other Special Education Needs (SEN)

Manchester EOTAS Packages

EOTAS’ stands for ‘Education Other Than at School’. As the name suggests, it refers to a situation where a young person cannot attend school in the usual way – either mainstream or a special school – and as a result, is educated in a different way.

So, for example, if you child with SEN in Manchester is taught in a specialist provision attached to a hospital, they may also attend a facility for children who have been excluded due to behavioural challenges. Alternatively, there may be an option to provide tutoring at home.

Being educated outside the school environment in this way can be temporary – while a pupil awaits a new school placement, for example – or ongoing. It can also apply to children with or without SEN.

Meet some Manchester SEN tutors


Qualified SENDCo and inclusion specialist with 15 years of teaching experience; both primary and secondary. Gemma teaches English, Maths, revision, study, social skill, and 11 +. She has a vast experience of teaching students with a wide variety of special needs, specialising in students with attachment disorder, ASD and SEMH difficulties


A highly experienced, fully qualified primary teacher with 20 years of experience in mainstream and specialist SEND primary education. Specialises in creating and delivering engaging, meaningful and progressive sessions that will boost engagement, achievement, self-esteem and confidence. 


An experienced, qualified and passionate teacher with expertise in individualizing her teaching to support pupils 1-1. Charlotte is dedicated to investigating the best methods of teaching – through reading formal research and through trial and improvement with endless patience.

Specialist SEN support across Manchester for children and young adults with...

Tutors working with children with ADHD and/or ADD have knowledge and experience with strategies that help children with ADHD/ ADD focus and access learning.

Tutors working with autistic children have knowledge and understanding of ASC/ autism strategies that aim to support all areas of the child’s development


Tutors working with children with dyslexia have the skills and experience which aim to improve reading, writing and spelling skills as well as associated needs such as processing and working memory difficulties.

Tutors working with children with anxiety aim to boost the child’s confidence, self-worth and self-esteem so they fully excel.

Tutors working with children with behavioural needs and/or demand avoidance/ PDA understand the importance of developing a positive working relationship.

Tutors working with children with speech, language and communication needs have the experience and skills to help children access learning in different ways, e.g. with visual support.

“I had a great experience with From the initial enquiry, everything was clear and seamless .”

Award Winning. Winner of the UK’s People’s Choice, Tuition Agency of the Year 2023.

Why SENsational Tutors?

We provide a matching service to who we consider to be some of the best  private SEN specialist teachers in Manchester. 

The SEN tutors have a variety of specialist SEN skills, training and experience to unlock and fulfil your child’s potential.

Your specialist SEN teacher can help with:

   Boosting academic performance in English (including reading, writing and phonics), Maths, Science and other subjects;

   Building confidence and self-esteem;

•   Social skills and friendship development;

•   Behaviour and emotional-regulation support;

   Developing executive functions, study-skills and organisation-skills support;

   Enhancing independence;

   Communication, speech and language development;

•   Homework.

Book your FREE 20 minute call with Joanna, founder and director, to discuss the individual needs of your child’

“We have finally found a company and tutor who understands. My SENsational Tutor made a huge difference and my son responded so well. He loves the tutoring sessions and it has transformed his learning experience. "

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