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Holiday Tuition

Specialist SEN Holiday Tuition

Available during summer, Easter, Christmas or half-term holidays
Holiday Activity Booster Sessions

Please note that holiday sessions are very popular. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Does your child have
Special Educational Needs (SEN)?
The SEN tutors and professionals help all children and young adults aged 4-25, including those who have a diagnosis of, or possible, special educational needs (SEN) and/or behavioural needs including autism and high-functioning autism (Asperger’s Syndrome)ADHD / ADDdyslexia, sensory processing disorderdyscalculia, dyspraxia, sensory needs, speech and language delay, focus and concentration difficulties, memory difficulties, Down’s Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, emotional challenges and other SEN.

Would you like to:

Boost your child with SEN’s confidence and prepare them for the new academic term or half-term?
Your child may lack confidence in certain academic areas. They may also feel anxious about the transition back to school. SENsational Tutors can work with your child to help your child overcome specific challenges, to believe in themselves and to prepare them for the new term. In addition to academics, they can support your child to develop their speech and language skills, provide behaviour support, and develop social and friendship skills to help your child feel more confident when interacting with their peers.
Provide your child with a chance to close any learning gaps or meet any specific targets before they return to school?
You may be aware of specific academic challenges that you child is experiencing. With the help of a SENsational tutor, the school holidays are an opportunity to provide your child with extra specialist support so that they return to school ready to progress fully in their learning.
Combat the ‘I’m bored’ comments and ensure your child is using their time productively during the holidays?
SENsational Tutors can provide the perfect balance between adventure, fun and academics. Sessions with a SENsational tutor will mean that child is fully engaged and happy – away from the iPad and having fun whilst they learn! We have incorporated learning experiences at:

We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of adventures and experienced which will benefit your child’s development.

Protect your child from the holiday ‘brain drain’ and ensure their learning moves forwards rather than backwards during the holidays?
SENsational Tutors can fill the gap in learning, commonly known as the ‘brain-drain’ or ‘Summer Slip’, that occurs during the holidays. Individually planned to support your child’s educational, behavioural and/or social needs, your SENsational Tutor cam provide sessions based on your child’s interests to give them a sensational learning experience to help prepare them for the return to school!

If the answer to any of these question is yes, we can help!

SEN specialist tutors

The SEN tutors specialise in supporting children or young people with a diagnosis of,
or possible SEN (Special Educational Needs) including:

Extended holiday packages in the UK or internationally
are also available.

Next Steps

Click here to search for a specialist tutor, or book a free one-to-one 20 minute phone consultation with SENsational tutors founder and SEN expert Joanna Gibbs, to find out more about how SENsational tutors could support your child.

SENsational Tutors are committed to finding outstanding tutors who can help the child as the unique individual that they are; finding what works for them, what their interests are and how they can reach their potential.

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