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What are the Costs?

All the specialist tutors are self-employed and therefore set their own rates per hour. The total amount that you will pay is indicated on the tutor’s profile *. Payment is split between the tutor and SENsational Tutors. See note about split-payments below.

*Please note that some tutors may charge for their travel time and other expenses. Please discuss this directly with the tutor.

You can view the platform of available SEN tutors here

Is there a Registration Fee?

No, there is no registration fee. Access to the platform is also completely free, and you can contact as many tutors as you wish.

Can I pay privately, via a budget from the local authority
or other funds?

Yes it is possible for you to pay:

*Please note that the tutor will be commissioned directly.

Can I book an initial one-off session before proceeding?

Yes, most tutors suggest that you book an initial session. After the session you can discuss whether you would like to book more sessions. Your tutor will normally send you an invoice for the initial session for payment in advance. Your tutor will discuss this with you.

How do I pay? Split-payments

We are proud to have a transparent split-payment billing system in place. Once a month, the tutor will send a fee breakdown document to their clients. The client will then receive one invoice from the tutor for 70% of the total cost, and one invoice from SENsational Tutors for 25% plus VAT of the total cost.   

How often do I pay?

Payment is made once a month. Your tutor will discuss their payment terms with you directly.

What about cancellations?

Your tutor will discuss and agree their cancellation terms with you directly.

What if I have any questions about payments?

If you have any questions about how to make payments, please contact us or your tutor directly.

"If there was an option to leave more than 5 stars, I would choose it! Any parent concerned about their child’s wellbeing in school, their learning, independence or self confidence should call SENsational Tutors! No other company I have come across provides the care and attention I have experienced with SENsational Tutors. A truly magnificent tutor matching service. "

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