The Difference SENsational Tutors Can Make

Watch a video about one of our SENsational families, and the impact that we can make for your child.

Why SENsational Tutors?

To help with

To help with

  • building confidence and self-esteem;
  • boosting academic performance;
  • communication and behaviour challenges.

We specialise in supporting those diagnosed with, or with possible:

  • Autism
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Dyslexia
  • Global Developmental delay
  • Language, Communication and Processing challenges
  • or other additional needs.
Where and who?

Where and who?

Our tutors are based all over London, including Westminster, Chelsea, Canary Wharf and Richmond! Our innovative matching process matches you to one of our tutors in your area. Members of our friendly, expert team include:

  • Reading Recovery Specialists;
  • Maths and numeracy Specialists;
  • Qualified SENCos;
  • Dyslexia Specialists and assessors;
  • Autism Specialists and assessors;
  • Early-years Specialists;
  • Behavioural and learning therapists (including ABA, CBT, growth/ fixed mindset).


Our tutors work flexibly around your busy schedule! Simply click here to contact us to make arrangements.

NOW is the best time to unlock your child’s potential! Find a SENsational Tutor here or contact us so we can help select for you


Sharon H – Parent


Seriously amazing!! You feel frustrated as you know that your child is not fulfilling their potential at school... but then Joanna comes along with her creative and brilliant ideas and unlocks those doors!! Don't waste time looking for anybody else! Call her today!! X

Hayley – Parent

Absolutely fantastic! Such a wide range of creative and fun activities to promote a real love for learning and true understanding of the different topics, and I felt really lucky to be a part of it. They encouraged the children to feel real pride in their work.

Lucy A – Tutor

SENsational Tutors Ltd. are such a wonderful company to work for. I have fun whilst supporting some incredible families in London. I love their child-centred & play based learning approach to delivering sessions. 100% job satisfaction!

Amanda H – Parent


Highly recommended: My 4 year old daughter went to the Summer Camp held by Sensational Tutors last week. She absolutely loved it! She made lots of friends, and had so much fun, she still hasn't stopped talking about it...

Katie T – Tutor


I am very lucky to be part of the team at SENsational tutors! I have enjoyed every minute of it; the teachers are all incredibly passionate and experienced, and the children's excitement and enthusiasm rubbed off onto all of us!

Sara L – Parent


My children had a great week at camp and most importantly they enjoyed learning which is not always the case. It empowered them to learn from their mistakes rather than see them as failures. I only wish I could send them for another week! Thank you Joanna and all the staff.

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