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An SEN specialist (Postgrad Dip) with 15 years of teaching and leading experience (QTS), primary and secondary. I teach English, Maths, revision, study and other SEN skills. SpLD Diploma L5 (Postgrad)- Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Dyscalculia and Autism Diploma L3, experience in other SEN needs.

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11 Reviews on “Eva”

11 reviews
  • Tricia (Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist)

    I know Eva to be a specialist teacher who cares for the whole student. She is intuitive, creative and willing to give what it takes to support students to not only succeed, but to thrive. She has experience in working with a range of special needs and is constantly aiming to increase her skill set in order to provide individualised support. This combined with her passion and positive outlook is what children, young people and families need in a tutor.

  • Claire M

    Our daughter is high functioning ASD, but was struggling with note taking and revision for her A-levels after missing the GCSE exam experience due to Covid-19 arrangements. The tutor we chose, Ewa, has made a huge difference, with over a 1-grade jump in predicted grades within a term. Whilst more expensive than normal tutors, the SENCO experience of the tutors means they know how to approach both our daughter and her school, which has been invaluable. The process of choosing a tutor is well supported and advised, with a good choice available to us, each with their own strengths. The tutorials are online which suits our daughter, and the tutor clearly prepares well, coordinating with the school and communicating regularly with our child, setting work to be done between sessions. We would definitely recommend Sensational Tutors to other parents of children with learning differences.

  • Toby

    My son (7 years old, high functioning ASD) approached our tutor Ewa 2 months ago. We have twice lessons a week and focus on the area of inferential comprehension, writing, tenses, social stories and 5 point scale. Eva is very experienced and done a great job. She planned every lesson very well and slides were prepared for my son to follow easily. She understood my son’s needs completely and tailored the needs to my son. She broke down the instructions/ techniques into small parts and my son can learn and memorize them easily as they will be repeated every lesson.
    Ewa is very easy to approach and will give help or advice any times when you have any concerns. I am so happy to find her and highly recommend to anyone with special need.

  • Jill

    Ewa has been so helpful with my son, currently in the first year of sixth form. He has aspergers and ADHD and struggles with organisation and study techniques, finding it difficult to focus. Ewa is patient, committed and highly skilled at breaking daunting homework tasks down into small steps. She is always supportive and looking for ways to make a difference.

  • Lead Advisory Teacher, London

    Eva has been providing support in English, Maths, communication, organisation and executive functioning skills for Autistic students and/or students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and various other special educational needs. Eva builds strong working relationships with students due to her kindness, patience and specialist training. She has vast experience and subject knowledge, meticulously plans lessons and is very well organised. I would highly recommend Eva as a tutor for your child.

  • Lisa

    Ewa is such a talented and supportive tutor with endless patience. My son is in year 11 and is currently studying to take his GCSE maths next year. He struggles with concentration and memory and it affects his confidence massively but he has been working with Ewa once a week for several months and his confidence and ability have soared already. His school work and test results are continually improving and his school teacher has even noticed his improved confidence. He is now getting praise points in maths instead of detentions! To me the most important part is that my son really likes Ewa. He says she’s easy to speak to so he isn’t worried about asking questions, and if he gets something wrong he says she’s really helpful and explains again. High praise from a very shy socially awkward boy who struggles to connect with people he doesn’t know. I can’t recommend Ewa highly enough worthy of 10 stars in my eyes

  • Nadezda

    Ewa has been my daughter’s tutor for the period of 18 months. Ewa covered a variety of subjects with her, amongst those were: English, essay writing, chemistry, biology and physics, while working with my daughter 4 hours every week. My daughter has additional needs, hence Ewa’s expertise and her support were essential in my daughter’s progress. She has cerebral palsy and she is visually impaired, she is dyslexic and dyspraxic, and has a problem with short therm memory. Ewa’s work was essential and my daughter managed to improve and to catch up with her peers. During COVID 19 and the lockdown, all the lessons were on Zoom and Teams, with interactive whiteboard, live lessons which my daughter found easy to follow. At the time, my daughter was a pupil in one of the independent senior schools in London (age 13-14). I am forever grateful for all her help and support that she provided for my daughter.

  • L Galli

    Ewa is a lovely kind and patient tutor that has been working with my 13 year old son, 3 times a week for the past 4 months. Under Ewa’s thoughtful and skilled tutelage he has progressed nicely and is much more confident as a result. I would highly recommend Ewa. 5 stars !

  • Susan

    Ewa is highly experienced in all areas of special needs, in particular ASD and Dyslexia. She sets very high standards for her pupils, prepares meticulously and is able to motivate the most reluctant learners. She is highly professional and committed. She is also extremely skilled and trained in speech and language. Highly recommended.

  • Alessandra

    Ewa is a very dedicated tutor. She prepares her lessons with my son meticulously. He can easily lose focus and get frustrated but Ewa manages to keep him engaged for the whole lesson. She is very patient and encouraging and he likes his sessions with her. I can see improvements in his academic performance and he seems more confident. I wholeheartedly recommend SENsational Tutors and Ewa.

  • Parent

    My experience is highly positive. Ewa’s knowledge is expert and was able to teach in a clever way, that made learning enjoyable for my daughter. I sought help from Ewa when my daughter was avoiding school and her academic confidence was low. Ewa guided my daughter through a challenging time and helped her confidence to grow.
    Ewa has expert SEN knowledge and is so patient and understanding; she is able to understand behaviours and how to best adapt to gain the best outcome. Ewa absolutely cared about my daughter’s welfare.

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Qualifications and Training

  • QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)
  • OCR Level 5 Diploma: Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties, Fairley House, London
  • Level 3 Diploma: Communication support for verbal students with autism; ELKLAN, London-based
  • CELTA: Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor, International House, London
  • BA (Hons): English and French, 2.1
  • MA: History of Art 2.1
  • Art Technician
  • various in-house courses and training related to the majority of the mild, moderate, and some complex SEN needs 2009-2022 (various London and Plymouth schools)

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