Award Winning

Winner of the UK's People's Choice Tuition Agency of the Year 2023
The UK's favourite tutoring agency

Award Winning

Winner of the UK's People's Choice Tuition Agency of the Year 2023
The UK's favourite tutoring agency

Experienced & Qualified
SEN Tutors in Dubai

We provide expert SEN Tutors across UAE & Dubai  specialising in:
ASC (autism), dyslexia, anxiety, study skills, ADD/ADHD, sensory needs, Social/Mental Health and other Special Education Needs (SEN)

Dubai SEN Tutor Packages

We have a host of experienced and qualified SEN tutors for your special educational needs in Dubai. Our selected Dubai specialists conduct their lessons online and are highly experienced in remote teaching. 

Online sessions for your child allow flexibility without losing out on the highest quality SEND tutoring and available throughout Dubai and the UAE. All you need is a computer and access to Microsoft Teams, Zoom or another platform of your choice.

Meet Some Online SEN Tutors


I have over 30 years’ experience as a teacher, Headteacher and Principal in special education. I started training in SEND at the University of Leeds and in mainstream comprehensive schools working in the special needs departments and teaching history. I moved into special schools and provided specialist support to Young People of all ages from 6-22 with SEMH including behavioural needs, anxiety, Autism especially Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, PDA, Dyslexia, Speech and Language and Specific Literacy Difficulties.


I am a fully qualified teacher with QTS that has worked over the years with pupils including a range of needs such as dyslexia, ADHD, ADD and ASD. Many of the pupils I have taught have had speech and language needs, communication difficulties, memory and sensory processing difficulties. I have worked as a curriculum coordinator adapting schemes of work from the curriculum to the accessibility of pupils’ needs. I have a calm friendly nature and am passionate about how I deliver lessons including fun, sensory input to engage the attention of pupils. I have gained experience in how to provide support to pupils in developing their independence.


Over 20 years’ SEN experience. Fully qualified Teacher with an SpLD accreditation by the Dyslexia Guild (Dyscalculia, Dyslexia and ADHD). Specialist in mental health needs, dyscalculia, autism (ASC), anxiety, dyspraxia and writing challenges, epilepsy, ADD/ADHD, and SpLD including dyslexia, and speech/ communication. I teach Maths, English & other subjects – I have extensive skills and experience also working with students with anxiety, auditory and sensory processing disorders, executive function, and organisational challenges. I also support undergraduates and graduates with academic writing.

Specialist SEN support across Dubai for children and young adults with...

Tutors working with children with ADHD and/or ADD have knowledge and experience with strategies that help children with ADHD/ ADD focus and access learning.

Tutors working with autistic children have knowledge and understanding of ASC/ autism strategies that aim to support all areas of the child’s development


Tutors working with children with dyslexia have the skills and experience which aim to improve reading, writing and spelling skills as well as associated needs such as processing and working memory difficulties.

Tutors working with children with anxiety aim to boost the child’s confidence, self-worth and self-esteem so they fully excel.

Tutors working with children with behavioural needs and/or demand avoidance/ PDA understand the importance of developing a positive working relationship.

Tutors working with children with speech, language and communication needs have the experience and skills to help children access learning in different ways, e.g. with visual support.

“It was so easy to get started with and the level of teaching is superb. My daughter has benefited hugely and the flexibility of online tutoring really helps us work around our current schedules.”

Award Winning. Winner of the UK’s People’s Choice, Tuition Agency of the Year 2023.

Why SENsational Tutors?

We provide a matching service to the best private SEN tutors for online tuition in Dubai and the UAE.

Our SEN tutors have a variety of specialist SEN skills, training and experience to unlock and fulfil your child’s potential.

Your specialist SEN teacher can help with:

   Boosting academic performance in English (including reading, writing and phonics), Maths, Science and other subjects;

  Supporting with exam preparation, including GCSEs and iGSCE’s; 

•   Developing study-skills, executive function skills and organisation skills;

   Building confidence and self-esteem;

•   Social skills and friendship development;

•   Behaviour and emotional-regulation support;

   Enhancing independence;

   Communication, speech and language development;

•   Homework support.

Book your FREE 20 minute consultation call with Joanna, founder and director, to discuss the individual needs of your child

“It was a relief to find a company run by an experienced British SEN tutor with substantial experience. Joanna understood our requirements and we easily matched with the perfect tutor for our child. "

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