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Developing an understanding of EOTAS

‘EOTAS’ stands for ‘Education Other Than at School’. It may also be called EOTIS ‘Education Other Than in School’. As the names suggest, it refers to a situation where a young person is not able to attend school in the usual way – either mainstream or a special school. They therefore need to be educated in an alternative way. Education may take place at home, in a library or community centre or anywhere else where the young person feels safe.

The Local Authority has a responsibility to provide an education for ALL children and are able to award and fund EOTAS packages where there is no other suitable provision available. Just because a young person is not able to attend school does not mean that they don’t need or deserve quality educational experiences, the opportunity to learn and to develop skills for the future.

Being educated outside the school environment can be temporary – while a pupil awaits a new school placement. It can also be a more long-term arrangement if a suitable placement cannot be found or if the young person is not able to attend due to medical, mental health or school refusal linked to trauma. It can also apply to children with or without SEN.

It can be a very stressful and anxious time for parents and families as they navigate the journey to secure funding and seek the very best provision. Parents can request an EOTAS package from their Local Authority and often face quite a battle to have funding awarded. This can involve lawyers, tribunals and many months of young people having no educational provision. The process of obtaining an EOTAS package can be daunting, time-consuming and frustrating. It is recommended that parents seek specialist advice, for example from specialist lawyers or advocates.

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What do SENsational Tutors offer?

As a multi-award-winning company, we provide tailormade EOTAS packages and support to families all over the UK. We specialise in working with children with SEN, especially those with PDA, anxiety, autism and those who have experienced trauma.

Our SENsational Tutors are incredibly passionate and dedicated professionals who continuously update their knowledge and understanding of learning styles, current research in SEN and new resources and approaches to learning.

Why SENsational Tutors?

Our priority is to develop relationships and redefine learning. Unlike others, we pride ourselves on creating nurturing environments based on developing trust and also having a lot of fun! Our teachers take on the role of supportive mentors, they seek to foster independence and create holistic learning opportunities that match the young person’s special interests.

Importantly, all tutors are all highly qualified and experienced teachers (with Qualified Teacher Status) and have at least eight years’ experience working with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. In addition to a holistic mentoring approach, this means that once a trusting relationship has been established, our tutors can then create and deliver bespoke learning programmes and curriculums to ensure your child is fully supported in all areas of their development.

Working one-to-one on a personal basis with a young person allows a tutor to take time to get to know them and to guide them at their own pace, away from the constraints of the classroom. Naturally this can help to reduce a young person’s anxiety – often a major factor in special needs- which, in turn, builds trust. Once trust and relationships are built, our tutors will design and introduce relevant and exciting learning experiences, often disguising the learning in games and activities that follow the young person’s special interests. If appropriate, the tutor may focus on life skills – taking a young person out on public transport, to visit museums or perhaps to a sporting activity.

Freed from having to ‘fit in’ at a school or college, many of our young people feel calmer, more in control, ready to learn and excited about the personalised approach which they become immersed in.

As our company’s motto suggest, we truly believe that our approach to EOTAS packages will help to unlock your child’s potential.

EOTAS: Education Otherwise than At School

SENsational Tutors has a huge amount of experience and understanding of the process of obtaining and of delivering EOTAS packages. We can support your journey and help you to find the solutions to ensure the right provision is put in place as quickly as possible.

We have learned so much from supporting and working alongside families and are developing an EOTAS Support Group to ensure that no one has to go through this alone. We would love you to join us in helping to make a significant difference to more EOTAS families in the UK who may be going through a similar situation to yourself.

We would really welcome your help and support wherever you are on your EOTAS journey. Please click below to email us for more information. Please use the subject ‘EOTAS networking support group’ to your email.

"SENsational Tutors take great care to make sure that students are matched with a tutor who has the right skill set and experience to provide the best provision. Students with special educational needs require personalised and creative provision that mainstream schools often struggle to provide. SENsational Tutors can provide that specialised input to help your child thrive."

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