Summer learning loss
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Studies suggest that children lose 30% of their learning over the summer holiday. This summer learning loss is especially evident in children aged 10 and under who may be left unstimulated and have a greater tendency to forget what they have learnt at school.

Just less than a month to go for the summer holidays and if you haven’t already filled your August calendar with a jaunt in Greece, repeat visits to Legoland or family picnics in the park you may be asking yourself what else can I do with the kids?

Ask yourself something else instead. During a long break at home and without the academic routine of school, how can you combat summer learning loss and prepare your child for the school return in September?

All is not lost, even if you don’t have a tutor in London, you can encourage your child to learn in many fun ways no matter what you do or where you go.  Here are some tips;

Swim and spell

Throw plastic letters or scrabble pieces into the swimming pool. The object of the game is to collect a given number of letters and make words.  Challenge

Icy maths

Cool down with a fun icy game – use ice cubes on the floor to write words or maths sums. The fun in this is that the cubes will disappear so it’s a race against time! Can also be done with chunky chalks.

Garden treasure hunt

Hide maths questions and answers all over the garden. Children have to match these up. this is great for playdates as children can team up.  Give them a time limit to make it even more competitive!


Easy and no doubt unavoidable activity which can involve your child. Preparing the ingredients is a perfect way to develop understanding of measurement and capacity!

Summer reading challenge

Challenge your child to a local reading contest at your local library or if they don’t have one run your own with a group of close friends.  Everyone must read 5 titles and they can choose their own books. The winners get a prize.

Encourage writing

Buy a small diary or create a scrap book about the holidays and encourage your child to write in it every day.  Perhaps they can create collages of where they have been using leaflet images or tickets? Great for stimulating arty literacy.

Find a summer tutor in London

Sessions with an inspiring and fun tutor or attending a summer camp will also support your child. Establish a routine which will preserve time for relaxation in the afternoon. Many families also to choose to take a holiday tutor with them – an investment which will help protect a year’s learning and set the child up for a successful year.

Have fun

Above all, the summer break is a time for you and your child to have fun. Introducing a new set of fun activities into your family’s routine will prevent summer learning loss and revitalise your summer whilst keeping your child ahead of the game before the academic year, where they deserve to be.

Remember holidays are also a time for resting and recharging young brains so find a balance between keeping your child’s summer break relaxing and fun and keeping their mind stimulated before they go back to school.

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