FREE Summer Camp in London, Westminster

@ Paddington Recreation Ground

An exciting new approach to the holiday camp!

Our summer camp 2018 was a huge success! Please click here to register as a parent and get notifications about free workshops and camps.

Applications for our summer camp 2019 open in June 2019.

Our FREE Summer Camp in Westminster is similar to our summer booster-sessions but on a small-group basis – that is, it is specifically geared towards making the return to school an easier experience for both parents and children! Your child will have fun, and feel safe, secure and develop the confidence that they can succeed! This is accomplished through delivering a variety of engaging, fun, and creative projects to truly ignite your child’s love and interest in learning.

Available to children in London-Westminster ages 5-11. Approximately 20 places offered by application only, made possible with thanks to Westminster City Council.


Whether your child has a diagnosis, requires extra educational or behavioural support, or is ‘gifted and talented’ and in need of an extra challenge, your child will benefit from our personalised and FREE summer camp in Westminster and will be truly supported in unlocking their potential through an exciting schedule compiled to target their individual needs.

Special provisions will be made for children with a diagnosis of, or suspected, specific and additional needs/learning disabilities including; autism, dyslexia, ADD/ ADHD, global developmental delay and Down’s Syndrome.

An opportunity to know that, through enjoyment, curiosity, exploration and fun, your child is developing a real connection with new friends whilst evolving that creative and forward-thinking mind, which will allow them to thrive and to fulfil their personal social and learning potential, just in time for the return to school in September! Join our FREE summer camp in Westminster today!

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