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With numerous seasonal changes, Autumn is the perfect opportunity for children to explore and develop different skills. The holistic approach to learning encourages children to be confident, creative and independent learners. It  aims to create a learning  process of  exploration, self-improvement and connection. The approach fosters a love for learning through a child’s interests.  Children are encouraged to hone their motor skills using art, clay, sculpting, nature, movement, books, yoga, music and mindfulness. Here are five activities you can do with children in Autumn that could help them with their learning skills:

1. Get creative with clay

The holistic learning space, alongside mindfulness practices, develops children’s memory and focus skills. The creative practices enable children to exercise their imagination, ingenuity and problem-solving skills. Exploring clay is an open-ended and sensory experience. Children learn how to mould and manipulate the clay, which has calming effects. As children develop their fine motor skills and dexterity they can go on to form shapes, letters, create clay animals and people and design crockery. Children will explore how to attach parts, use new tools and use lateral thinking.

2. Use Singing and Music to develop Coordination

The use of music and movement develops a child’s self-esteem and confidence. By building a relationship with music children are exposed to expression through sound. Music stimulates new neural pathways in the brain which speed up cognitive processes. Active engagement with music such as singing develops social and emotional skills through connection and progresses language development and speech patterns. Encouraging children to participate in singing and dancing will help them develop mind and body coordination and stimulate brain development and will develop a strong sense of self confidence.

3. Explore the Mirroring Technique

Mirroring is a music and movement technique used to grow a child’s self esteem and communication skills. With the mirroring technique children can lead or follow a sequence of sounds or movements to express an area of their life. 

4. Use Yoga to improve Motor and Concentration Skills

A regular yoga practice develops concentration skills, gross-motor, skills, hand-eye coordination and balance skills. Children can explore movement and form through beginning poses such as downward dog, using their leg to wag their tail and practice their balance. As children advance their poses and physical strength towards tree pose, they can try standing on one leg and using their arms to create their chosen tree form and counting their breath to 10.

5. Connect with Nature

Within the holistic approach, nature is used as an exploration for learning. Nature is often described as our ‘best teacher’ and through interacting with nature children learn to connect, care and explore the world around them. Exploring nature and the seasons children are exposed to change, growth and the cycle of life. Autumn is the perfect time of year to explore and connect with nature. It’s when the leaves start to change their colour before falling off the trees. Stepping on crunchy leaves is really fun and could be a wonderful opportunity for exploring different textures!

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