We are celebrating Hug a Bear Day on Wednesday 7th November by celebrating children with SEN!

Children with SEN have a learning difficulty or disability that may make it more difficult for them to learn than other children their age. Children with SEN have to work hard to accomplish skills that may come naturally to other children. There are different types of SEN which are often misunderstood, therefore children with SEN can often experience a really tough time. When we think of, or interact with, children with SEN we usually focus on their problems or difficulties compared to other children. However, many children with SEN are exceptionally bright and creative and have some strong traits – or some might say, superpowers!

Here are ten things you should know about children with SEN:

1. “I’m happy and honest”

As autism expert Simon Baron-Cohen says, “Many children with autism are perplexed by why someone would even want to deceive others.” This means children with autism can often be very direct. If you ever need an honest opinion, a child with autism is the perfect person to go to!


2. “I’m skilfully spontaneous”

ADHD can involve taking creative risks which others may be afraid to try! Perhaps that’s why so many famous entrepreneurs and artists have ADHD, such as Walt Disney and Richard Branson.


3. “I’m generous and non-judgemental”

Children with special educational needs can often be more accepting of the unique quirks of others. Due to their own differences, they are more open to others thinking outside the box. This can make them fantastic friends.


4. “I’m incredibly imaginative”

Children with dyslexia are known to have unique perspectives of the world! This allows them to approach situations in ways that others may not think of. Famous artist Pablo Picasso was described by teachers as “having difficulty differentiating the orientation of letters,” but he channelled his extraordinary perspective into creating imaginative artwork that is world famous today!

5. “I’m intelligent and interested”

Children with autism often have specific areas of interest. They’ll learn about these inside out! 10% of autistic individuals are said to be “savants.” Their ability in a specific area, normally mathematics or another quantitative field, is much higher than average. Some would call them geniuses!


6. “I’ve a magic memory”

Children with autism often have a fantastic attention to detail. This is attributed to a skill called “systemising,” which involves focusing on the smaller components of a big picture. They are often able to remember the specifics of something long after a typically developing child has forgotten it. Magic!


7. “I’m amazingly active”

Children with ADHD can channel their bundles of energy into their passions- be it dance, football or performing. This energy can allow them to excel! For example, Olympic medallist Michael Phelps harnessed his hyperactivity into his swimming.


8. “I’m loving and logical”

Children with autism are known to excel with logical thinking, but struggle with reading emotions. Contrary to popular belief, that does not mean they cannot be extremely caring! One parent, Elise, describes how her two autistic children love helping others with their charitable work, and also love cuddling their teddies! They may not express their love in a typical way, but they still have huge hearts!


9. “I’m a sensory solver”

Children with dyslexia tend to conceptualise things in pictures rather than words. In other words, they are very visual thinkers! This means they often have innovative approaches to problem solving and lateral thinking.


10. “I’m remarkably resilient”

Children with special educational needs face many difficulties that neurotypical children cannot relate to. Even walking into a classroom can be a daunting experience. Despite this, they push part any set-backs and move forwards! This perseverance is an amazing skill to have.

7th November 2018 is Hug A Bear Day.

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