How do our tutors support children with autism?

We understand that every child on the autism spectrum is different. That’s why our holistic tutoring sessions can be combined to include focused support with communication and language needs, social skills, behavioural needs and fine-motor skills development. All our specialist tutors are highly experienced to teach children with SEN and autism in the ways that best suit their needs.

How can we help your autistic child at home?

Our unique, holistic approach to teaching and tutoring children and young adults who have autism or are on the autism spectrum, who may have a learning disability or not, works so well because it’s completely tailored to the individual’s specific needs and interests.

The benefit is that you, as parents, know your child or young adult is being supported to reach their full potential. You can continue with what you do best – being the fantastic, caring and nurturing parents that you are.

We make sure our teaching sessions are fun, creative, and involve active learning to foster a love of learning in your child or young adult for themselves. Our approach is to teach the student the tools and strategies which they can use for themselves. Our aim is to ensure that our tools and strategies can be used by you, as parents, and by the students themselves so that you and your child are empowered, take ownership and are able to develop a sense of independence.

Elise is one of our specialist qualified autism tutors. She has Qualified Teacher Status both in the UK and Australia, and Master of Education in Special Educational Needs and a Bachelor of Education. She is currently the Inclusion Leader/ SENCo of a school in East London. She explains to parents what they can do at home to support their child who is on the autism spectrum:

“Undoubtedly it is challenging to find out that your child has autism. But it does not mean that your child cannot have every opportunity to accomplish their dreams. Some of history’s most influential people (Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, Temple Grandin, Andy Warhol) had autism. But your child needs a champion, someone who believes in them. And that person is you! You will be the person that helps them understand who they are and what they need”

How can we help your autistic child at home?

Anna is a psychologist (MEd, MBPsS) affiliated with the British Psychological Society (BPS), accredited executive function coach and SEN specialist qualified tutor. She has Qualified Teacher Status, a Master in Counselling and Educational Psychology, Executive Function Coaching accreditation and a Bachelor in Education.

Anna explains her approach to teaching children or young adults who are on the autism spectrum.

‘‘Building meaningful partnerships with your child, the school, college or university and the professionals involved can help with devising a good intervention. It is important to use literal language and avoid metaphors when speaking to some children with autism. Structure and consistency could also help with some children with autism. Again, everyone is unique so approaches need to be differentiated and adapted as appropriate as what might work now, might not work later. Getting the right support is vital.

 People do not learn without learning opportunities and do not build healthy thoughts, emotions and habits without repetition and reinforcement. As a psychologist, executive function coach or educator, I always make sure there are learning opportunities for children, adolescents or adults to practise EF skills and that the learning can be transferred and generalised in different contexts.

Accommodations, such as external scaffolds (activity breakdowns) during activity performance are also important. Some IEPs and EHCPs include some strategies. I love to use active recall, rehearsal and spaced repetition to boost memory. Momentum, consistency and rewards are important for engagement and motivation. Incentives are important for initial behaviour change but can be transferred to more intrinsic motivators once this is established.

 My executive function coaching training has been fully sponsored by one of the best organisations worldwide for executive function coaching and I have been collaborating with them since 2019. I have had more than 50 hours of EF coaching supervision to date.’’

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