This summer why not use some free time with your child at home or outdoors to encourage Maths and English skills with fun activities.

Here are five easy activities you can prepare and do with your child during any half term or summer holiday.


A fun way to enhance memorising the times table. If you don’t have a trampoline, simple jumping, hopping or even skipping works too. For example, if you want to teach counting in 3s, begin by counting from 1 and on every third bounce/hop/skip encourage the child to shout out the number. This also works on a swing at a park!


If you have a football fan on your hands this is a great activity to boost maths skills on the pitch. Create a row of equations (i.e. 5 x 4 or 3 +10) and lay them outside followed by a row of answers (not be directly opposite the questions) and lastly, a goal post. Ask the child to dribble the ball to a chosen question, dribble to the answer and finally score!


Make spelling fun (and messy) again. Buy or make a large bowl of slime (large enough to get two hands into). Then using any set of plastic letters – scrabble tiles are great bury them deep into the slime. Ask the child to spell a series of words for you from the gooey letter pot.


A great group game to play at home. Take some colourful Jenga blocks and write challenging words on each block. Then, stack the blocks (words facing down) and ask each child to carefully extract a block and ask the person on their left to spell the word.


An active way to revise tens and units with a simple board game. Play a giant game of Snakes and Ladders but this time with every snake or ladder encountered ask the child to give you the place value climbed or dropped.
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