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Passionate, qualified SENDCo and teacher/ tutor; fully qualified to assess and diagnose for Specific learning difficulties (accredited by the British Psychological society). 10 + years experience teaching students with SEND: dyslexia/slow processing, dyspraxia, ASD, ADHD, visual impairment, SEMH (social emotional mental health) difficulties, low self-esteem and confidence. Specialist teaching KS3-4 English language/literacy, with ample experience teaching cross-curricular subjects across primary and secondary KS3, in addition to learning support/study skills for KS5.

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Specialist Experience and Skills

I am a highly experienced tutor/SENDCo with QTS: 13 years of experience working with children and young people with special educational needs. Currently I work as a SENDCo in an Independent Private school, for pupils aged 13-19. I have also completed my post-graduate qualification and am qualified to assess and diagnose for SpLD (specific learning difficulties). This is the CCET+AAC=CTP3A,  which is accredited by the BPS (British Psychological society). Prior to this I managed an Alternative provision (KS3 and KS4), attached to a state school for students with challenging behaviour and SEND (S... Read More
I am a highly experienced tutor/SENDCo with QTS: 13 years of experience working with children and young people with special educational needs. Currently I work as a SENDCo in an Independent Private school, for pupils aged 13-19. I have also completed my post-graduate qualification and am qualified to assess and diagnose for SpLD (specific learning difficulties). This is the CCET+AAC=CTP3A,  which is accredited by the BPS (British Psychological society). Prior to this I managed an Alternative provision (KS3 and KS4), attached to a state school for students with challenging behaviour and SEND (Special educational needs and disabilities).  I have taken up private tuition and been a nanny, delivering English language and mentoring (KS2-Ks5), working within family homes and within the community to break down pupil barriers to learning, supporting the re-engagement back into education and provide personalised tuition in subjects the children were struggling within, in addition to extra curricular activities.

My specialist experience teaching students with SEN: I have 9 years of experience teaching students with various SEND, within large classrooms, small groups and on a 1:1 within school and the home environment. This includes students with medical problems, SpLD, and SEMH. I understand the need to deliver lessons creatively to enhance engagement and learning, in addition to differentiate tasks so that the students can access the curriculum. I understand the affect and challenges children with SEN may pose on the family. I am experienced in taking a therapeutic and professional stance in advocating and being a medium to support positive relationships and aid academic/personal progress.

My specialist experience teaching students with SEMH; With 14 years of experience working with children with SEMH, I am well-versed in understanding how behaviours/emotional outbursts/withdrawals, may represent emotions that children are struggling to articulate. I am able to build trusting relations with young people, forming a safe-outlet, rational perspective, positive encouragement and personalised strategies to better help them manage their challenges. I understand the need for children with SEMH to have rest breaks, additional time to process information, in addition to differentiated activities.

My specialist experience teaching students with acquired brain injuries; Over the years I have worked with various students with brain injuries, including those with epilepsy and other brain complications. I understand the need to be patient, approachable, understanding and sensitive, whilst also not making the young person feel ‘different’. Whilst they may require additional support with their academics and development, I’ve found it important to find common ground with their peer group and draw in on their interests and likes to boost moral, confidence and engagement.

My specialist experience supporting children in the community: I was a connections PA for the local authority for 5 years before going into schools and teaching. I have an appreciation for education that goes beyond the academics within the classroom, and am in full support of engagement within activities within the wider community. They support character building, but also life skills and are imperative for any growing child. Engagement in such activities can reduce academic pressures, support with the boosting of self-esteem and confidence, general knowledge and enhance learning. I was also a nanny to 3 children where we engaged in a variety of activities within the home and wider community; baking, cooking, trampolining, theatre trips, museums, theme parks, swimming, football, ballet etc. such activities also serve as great rapport building.

My SENDCo role: As a SENDCo, I manage the schools Special needs provision: co-ordinate interventions for students who are struggling to access the curriculum, or who are working below their attainment levels. These interventions are personalised to individual needs and include: additional literacy or numeracy support, social emotional communication support, study skills, counselling, referrals for further specialist assessments, Occupational therapist, Speech and language therapist, etc.  I liaise with such professionals on a frequent basis, interpreting their professional reports to implement suitable teaching strategies to enhance teaching differentiation and aid student progress. I have written/reviewed EHCPs, chaired annual review meetings and delivered staff training/INSET on SEND. Many of our EHCP students have a multitude of profound needs, or have been out of school for a long time. I work with these students on a weekly 1:1 basis, alongside other professionals to get them back into full-time education.  I am able to accommodate in delivering  sessions online, as well as face-to-face in person. I complete all matters pertaining to examination access arrangements (25% extra time, laptop, scribe/speech recognition software, prompter, a reader, rest breaks); collating evidence for student files, Form 8s, applications online to JCQ. These can be implemented on the grounds of special educational needs, i.e. dyslexia, or due a medical condition. All students on the SEND register meet with myself to review their needs; establish their areas of difficulties, what’s working/not working well, devise aspiring targets and establish strategies to support their needs. These are then reviewed on a termly basis. I deliver 1:1 learning support sessions on a weekly basis.

Experience as SEN literacy/English tutor - for those with medical problems, physical disabilities, hearing and visual impairments, ASD including low and high-functioning autism, sensory needs, dyslexia, slow processing, dyspraxia, ADHD, Anxiety/emotional difficulties and memory difficulties: For many students with special educational needs, they require support within English language, functional skills phonics and literacy.  This is particularly key for students with dyslexia, slow processing, dyspraxia, Autism and memory difficulties. The foundation of these skills are generally taught in primary school. However, some students have gaps within their learning, have had their learning disrupted, or have needs which means that these fundamental skills require further support. Once grasped, the skills can be transferred to other literary subjects and even worded mathematical questions. For such students, I have experience in:;

  • teaching students with SEMH;

  • teaching students with autism and anxiety;

  • teaching students with writing resistance/difficulty transferring thoughts on to paper

  • supporting students with note-taking, exam techniques, focus and concentration skills

  • boosting confidence, self-esteem and independence by differentiating, scaffolding and highlighting student strengths

  • teaching study skills, exam techniques, revision techniques and executive functioning skills

  • teaching students with dyslexia

  • teaching students with ADHD/ADD

  • My specialist experience teaching Maths (KS3)

  • My specialist experience teaching English (KS2-4)

  • My specialist experience teaching Humanities

  • Teaching English language; devising differentiated lessons and preparing students for Paper 1 and Paper 2, of the GCSE English language exam

  • breaking-down how to answer questions: looking at mark schemes, putting together model answers, producing writing frames/sentence starters to support their independent work

  • support with transferring thoughts onto paper/essay/creative writing: discussions, note-tasking, devising and using tables, spider diagrams, text annotations, images, plans to support essay writing, structure/organisation of ideas, paragraphing

  • My specialist experience providing fun sessions to help students engage in learning;

  • My skills and experience supporting students to develop their independence.

  • teaching students with autism;

  • teaching students with anxiety;

  • teaching students with behavioural needs/ emotional regulation difficulties;

  • teaching English: reading, reading comprehension, handwriting, writing and spelling

  • creating fun sessions with games to help children engage

  • teaching students with focus and concentration difficulties

  • ensuring students follow instructions and supporting with their homework completion (primary, secondary and A level)

  • primary school phonics, reading, spellings (supporting with memory and processing difficulties)

  • teaching phonics to students 11+ through the Ruth Muskin programme (Aim:- teaching primary literacy skills to secondary school pupils)

  • adopting a calm nurturing firm approach

  • devising lessons to support students with sensory processing disorders

  • supporting difficulties with auditory and literary processing (key dyslexic and ASD traits): making lessons creative and engaging/teaching in a multi-sensory way, using colours, role-play

  • develop focus, attention and concentration skills, whilst engaging students in their learning: understand individual likes/dislikes/interests, establish learning styles and amend lessons accordingly to incorporate (key for ADHD students)

  • supporting memory retention through repetition and pneumonic’s

  • Understanding worded maths questions

  • supporting students with their homework (cross-curricular)

  • enhancing written skills: spelling, punctuation, grammar. I address sentence structures (simple, complex, compound), synonyms/vocabulary and how to make writing effective

  • literary devices: definitions, examples and the effects on the reader (key for GCSE English language)

  • past paper exam questions

  • summarising texts and picking out key information learnt

  • illegible handwriting/how to hold a pen/pencil in a functional way, letter formation and spacing

1:1 Learning Support/ Study Skills/supporting students with their homework, I provide: Particularly effective with students with slow processing and memory difficulties, ADHD/ADD, ASD (including high-functioning autism), dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, PAD, disengaged with learning, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem/confidence, and those who have English as a second language/studying abroad. Experience includes:

  • Teaching students with anxiety, SEMH, dyslexia and ADHD

  • supporting students in the community

  • teaching study and executive functioning  skills; - note taking, revision techniques, exam techniques, focus and concentration;

  • develop a meaningful trusting relationship - paramount to student engagement and key to enhancing significant progress (primary age through to 6th form/college)

  • support with executive functioning skills in all subjects

  • teaching students with ADHD; - reinforcing the following of instructions;

  • teaching students with high& low-functioning autism;

  • support with understanding and consolidating class notes, in addition to support with organisation and homework completion

  • teaching students with PDA;

  • teaching students with anxiety and other SEMH;

  • teaching English language, functional skills and literacy;

  • Providing therapeutic mentoring, counselling-like support

  • boosting student’s confidence and self-esteem;

  • providing fun sessions to help students engage in learning;

  • My skills and experience supporting children to develop their independence.

  • devising bespoke visual timetables to support revision and independent study/work completion- enabling structure, routine and develop of independence skills

  • Support to troubleshoot issues, providing an external neutral/non-biased perspective to help reduce anxiety

  • sustained attention strategies (working environment, movement breaks, timed tasks, etc)- Key for ADHD

  • personalised social stories to help them understand social/behaviour/communication/peer group difficulties.

  • set clear expectations/realistic goals, maintain respectful boundaries. I will hold students accountable, encouraging them to take responsibility over their learning (in particular for teenagers and young adults).

  • differentiated and appropriate scaffolding e.g. writing frames, sentence starters, prompts (visual and verbal), additional links to read.

  • revision and organisational skills: time/workload management

  • motivational coaching to increase confidence, self-esteem and work out-put

  • past paper exam questions (if working towards an exam)  alongside mark schemes

  • identify strengths and find examples, lots of praise and encouragement, positive reinforcement and positive affirmations to reset a positive mindset

  • ability to use a clock/diary effectively

  • coaching and role play to help the development of positive peer relationships

  • exam stress-management

  • going through work completed in class to embed learning and clarifying misunderstandings

  • developing working memory (repetition, auditory and visual recall, use of colour and bold headings, spacing of work)

  • support to help develop social skills, so that children may devise healthy meaningful friendships

  • supporting students with cerebral palsy, devising sensory-stimulating sessions

Experience teaching Maths: I have experience tutoring maths at primary school level and modules in the KS3 syllabus. I can support with worded maths questions, times tables, create fun, engaging lessons using games to support with processing and memory difficulties, whilst enhancing cognitive skills.

Experience as an Alternative provision manager: Here I managed an Alternative provision for students aged 11-15. I created and taught  innovative Schemes of work, delivered small group intervention work and 1:1s, supported SEND and addressed challenging behaviour. This also included a lot of multi-agency work. I engaged well with the students, created a safe therapeutic learning environment, structure, routine, boundaries, and used real life -relatable examples to aid their comprehension. I am skilled at differentiating year 7 lessons down to primary school level, and stretching high-functioning/gifted pupils. Whether scaling up or down, both  are a means to  enable children to access the curriculum at a level appropriate to their needs. Establishing baseline data through assessments was key here, especially to be able to mark progress. I delivered group tuition/intervention classes to children with literacy difficulties and 1:1s to those who were reading at a level below their chronological reading age.

My specific experience helping children to self-regulate, manage their behaviour, and understand feelings and emotions:

Holistic therapeutic approach:- I believe its imperative for students to understand their mental/emotional blocks that may be having a negative impact upon their academic learning. Work together to identify triggers, set targets to aid improvements and strategies to help them better-manage their emotions. In turn, this helps them to feel empowered, making progress both personally and academically.

Behaviour management:- I am pro-active in encouraging a positive attitude to learning, implementing sanctions and rewards. I build am excellent rapport with students, establish a mutual level of respect, maintain high standards and am consistent with maintaining boundaries. There is often a need to install a degree of routine and set clear expectations. I believe it is key to not make wrong actions personal, but more so highlight socially acceptable behaviours in terms of right, or wrong. As a result, student feels less-attacked personally and therefore more inclined to reconcile/re-engage/see their errors. I use Theory of mind, where I try to help children see scenarios from another persons’ perspective. I find common interests and incorporate them into learning. I give non-verbal cues and allow autonomy of movement within the lesson. I also believe it is Important to address behaviour imminently and be consistent with it.

Working with families: I have ample experience working closely with families; as a SENDCo, 1:1 tutor, mentor/coach, nanny. I am flexible and able to easily adapt to the families needs. I use my initiative well and am a quick thinker/problem solver. I am committed and innovative in supporting the understanding of your child’s difficulties, suggesting and implementing constructive marginal changes to support.

Incorporating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs alongside experience, I have learnt that students with barriers external to academia will find it harder to engage within their learning. Hence why I take a holistic approach. Fostering positive professional relationships to support student engagement and liaising frequently with parents and other professionals to ensure that we are all on the same page. Honesty and transparency is imperative.

Thus, I take an honest and transparent approach. I am very realistic and like to keep it 100% in advising  options/likely outcomes to children’s persistent behaviours, as a means to empower them to make better life choices, take control of their academics, whilst evoking an internal motivation to achieve personal goals/do better. I try to maintain a positive, optimistic stance and am very motivational with a can-do attitude. Focusing on strengths is imperative to boost confidence and self-esteem.

I have extensive experience in simplifying complex professional reports to comprise and implement differentiated teaching strategies. This links with experience creating individual learning plans and delivering staff insets on the traits and various SEND, in addition to strategies to support them.

I take the time to understand the needs of pupils with SEND; their traits and how they may manifest in a learning environment. Its imperative for me to have patience, empathy and resilience.

I believe learning should be fun- if children enjoy, they are more likely to do well. Focusing on strengths- I provide lots of praise and encouragement that enables them to keep working and trying.

Building a good rapport is key, as if children and young people are comfortable, they become more confident to push themselves further, e.g. increased use of sophisticated vocabulary, try harder as they don’t want to disappoint you.

Other strategies implemented/experience include: experience providing homeschooling during Covid lockdown, boosting self-esteem and confidence, providing therapeutic counselling-like support, making lessons fun and engaging with short snappy activities, well structured, going into the outdoors together, e.g. a fitness class, walk around the block to de-stress. Clear aims and objectives for the lessons, clear expectations, multi-sensory teaching. Developing independence skills, looking after multiple children at once. As a nanny, I was the sole carer for three children in their parents absence.

My Teaching Philosophy

If a child wont learn the way you teach, teach the way they learn- pedagogical wisdom from Ignacio Estrada.  I am a firm believer that student’s learning needs should be focused on before their behaviour. I also believe that if a child has a positive relationship with you, they are more likely to engage within the learning that’s taking place. Fostering these nurturing trusting relationships and building a rapport from the onset is key. Something I adopt.

My ethos is that every child deserves a chance to be successful. A aspire to inspire every child I work with. I focus on individual leaning strengths to balance out weaker areas; whilst developing  areas of difficulty, so that they become equipped with the study skills and knowledge to enable them to access the curriculum.

I am highly adaptable and creative in thinking of ways to help students learn. Differentiation is key, along with scaffolding to produce a better work-output.

Learning should be fun/enjoyable. I incorporate  real life examples to help them engage within the lessons. I enjoy teaching; love to see student progression. I have high expectations that I maintain, irrespective of SEND. All students are able to make progress, its about being patient and persistent and committed to supporting their needs to make this possible.

I employ a multi-sensory and individualised approach to lesson delivery. I am committed to unlocking barriers to learning, trouble-shooting problems, then implementing a devised plan to achieve set goals. Consistency is key and I am dedicated to providing academic support in a nurturing/therapeutic and engaging way. I endeavour to lift confidence and develop independent study skills, empowering students to take an active role in their education.

I believe in multi-agency work and am happy to work with schools and other professionals to support your child’s needs.

I am keen to not only support the SEN academic needs, but also provide the right personalised support, so that they are ready for the next phase in their lives. Education is about supporting the holistic needs  in preparation for a happy, healthy and successful adulthood.

Something Sensational About Me

I have always had a desire to see those around me elevate, radiate happiness and become successful. I am passionate about mentoring, teaching and supporting others to fulfil their hopes and dreams, whilst maximising their true potential. Being able to engage with and support others is a rewarding experience that I enjoy. This goes for adults and children alike.  I have the ability to connect with others of a deeper level, build authentic trusting relationships and provide consistent support enabling them to make progress in all aspects of life.

I am an incredibly down-to-earth hard worker and am very family-orientated. I am an aunty to G14, G4, B1 and absolutely love engaging with them and watching them grow.

I love to travel and learn about different cultures. I often end up being the organiser of group holidays, devising excel itineraries for trips abroad, booking the flights and making reservations for excursions/restaurants.

I thoroughly enjoy in cooking and hosting dinners. I am trained to dance in contemporary modern ballet and love listening to music. I also have a keen interest in property development and interior design.

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    Qualifications and Training

    • CCET+AAC=CTP3A,  which is accredited by the BPS (British Psychological society)
    • NASENDCo
    • QTS
    • PGCE
    • Child protection
    • Safeguarding
    • Phonics training
    • ASD inset training
    • ADHD inset training
    • Dyslexia inset training
    • BSc Sociology with Psychology
    • Level 4 Careers, Advise and Guidance
    Currently completing: -Certified counsellor training -Counselling training: depression, trauma, child counselling... Read More
    • CCET+AAC=CTP3A,  which is accredited by the BPS (British Psychological society)
    • NASENDCo
    • QTS
    • PGCE
    • Child protection
    • Safeguarding
    • Phonics training
    • ASD inset training
    • ADHD inset training
    • Dyslexia inset training
    • BSc Sociology with Psychology
    • Level 4 Careers, Advise and Guidance
    Currently completing: -Certified counsellor training -Counselling training: depression, trauma, child counselling

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    • you want a passionate tutor who is dedicated to unlocking your child’s full potential
    • you want your child’s holistic needs to be addressed; understanding their true barriers to learning, likes and dislikes, and is solution-focused
    • you want to see your child happy and work with a tutor who can make learning fun and engaging. A tutor who understands individual difference and is dedicated to seeing your son/daughter make progress.


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