Specialist SEN online tutoring sessions – now available and accessible

Are you looking for Online SEN Tutor during the coronavirus?

Are you unable to find specialist SEN tutors in your area, either in the UK or overseas?

Whatever the reason, we can help. We offer online tutoring lessons to students with SEN (including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia) regardless of location – all over the world.

Our tutors are currently teaching students from Australia, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Germany and many more – get on board!

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Will online tutoring be suitable for my child?

We believe that online tutoring can support 95% of children and young adults with SEN, regardless of their individual needs or diagnosis..

Numerous studies and educational psychologists suggest that children and young adults with SEN benefit from a multi-sensory, visual approach. We certainly agree and the specialist tutors will continue to incorporate this into their online sessions.

Indeed, technology has advanced rapidly which ensures multi-sensory, engaging and fun sessions can indeed be conducted remotely. We have therefore proved that online tutoring CAN be suitable and assessable to children and young adults SEN!

'He is so engaged and absolutely loves his lessons!'

Our parents and tutors feel differently about online sessions for children with SEN. One recent parent mentioned that:

“I would never have considered online sessions for my child (age 7) with autism and ADHD, but I knew that I had to try. What a pleasant surprise! He is so engaged and absolutely loves his sessions!”

Another parent mentioned that:

“We can highly recommend Lucy as an online tutor for children with dyslexia/ dysgraphia. Lucy is tutoring our 7 year old son who has Dysgraphia in virtual lessons. We have been amazed at how varied, creative and tailored Lucy designs those lessons. Our son has a great time while learning and training lots of different skills!”

(You can view Lucy’s profile here)

The tutors at SENsational Tutors have experience providing fun, bespoke sessions using Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype and other platforms.

Documents can be annotated with interactive whiteboards, documents can be shared, games can be played and activities can be completed; all in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Specialist SEN tutoring and support is available for your child at your fingertips – regardless of your location. Contact us to discuss how the specialist tutors can help boost your child’s confidence, and unlock and fulfil their true potential.

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Any questions about our online SEN tutoring?

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How do we support children and young adults with SEN (Special Educational Needs) ?

HOW IT WORKS; how to search for a tutor and book an initial session

  1. Simply email us or book a free phone consultation to discuss the needs of your individual child OR search for a tutor here;
  2. We will then provide you with a selection of available tutors who we believe have the right specialist skills and experience to support your child (see list of tutors here).
  3. You will then be able to view their profiles and choose the one who you think will be the most suitable to make a real and long-lasting difference to the life of your child.
  4. We will share the tutor’s contact details with you, and you will be able to give the tutor/s a call or video call prior to discuss any further details, and to arrange the initial session.
  5. Payment is arranged via invoice.
  6. If you and your child would like to continue with the sessions (we really believe you will!), simply arrange future sessions with the tutor directly.
  7. Unlike other companies, we do not charge a registration fee. In addition, many tutors offer a discount for online sessions; this can be discussed with the tutor directly.

If you need more convincing about the possibilities and benefits of online tutoring sessions for children and young adults with SEN, please read on…

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

  1. FOCUS and CONCENTRATION: Although perhaps surprising, online sessions can actually help a child or young adult to remain focused and attentive. Games and activities can keep them engaged, or be used for necessary brain-breaks.
  2. DEVELOPING INDEPENDENCE and RESPONSIBILITY: Online sessions allow a student to take ownership over their own learning. They can
  3. RELAXED ENVIRONMENT: Studies suggests that students learn best when they are in a relaxed environment. With online tutoring, you can take your laptop to any comfortable place in order to access the specialist learning support. Perfect for those students who may otherwise feel anxious.
  4. YOUR PREFERRED CHOICE OF SPECIALIST TUTOR: The relationship between student and tutor is vital, but with many specialist tutors available for online sessions you can select the very best tutor for your child in terms of skills, experience and personality – regardless of your or their location.
  5. MORE FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY: Your selected tutor will more likely be able to work around you and your child’s busy schedule. You may want last-minute sessions to boost confidence around a certain topic, but your tutor has limited availability.
  6. FUN! Remote sessions offer a different and exciting different dynamic from the classroom environment, and online activities and games are readily available to engage and excite your son or daughter.
  7. TRACKED PROGRESS and ASSESSMENTS: Achievements be easily tracked with online systems.
  8. AVAILABLE ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD: Specialist SEN tutoring sessions on your doorstep.
    These are now becoming essential skills. Online tutoring sessions can provide your child with a head-start with these skills too!
  10. PLAYBACK SESSIONS: Online tutoring platforms allow sessions to be recorded. This is perfect for those students who many have difficulties with the processing and memory, as they will be able to review any topics in their own time. They will also be able to stop or pause the sessions at any time, so they can watch it at their own pace.


Will online tutoring be fun and enjoyable?
YES. With the incredible amount of fun and accessible activities and online games, we believe that your child or young adult will finish their session with a smile on their face, content and happy in the knowledge that they have progressed in their learning whilst also having fun.

Will my child progress with online tutoring sessions?
Although there is no absolute guarantee, all the parents whose children currently receive online sessions mention that their children are making fantastic progress. Many are surprised as they were unsure initially, but after a few sessions, they are relieved to have found that continues to support and enhance their child’s well-being and learning.

What’s the success rate of online sessions for children and young adults with SEN?
The coronavirus ensured that all SENsational Tutors needed to think creatively about how to provide sessions. The online tutoring sessions had a 95% success rate! Many parents even reported that their children preferred online sessions! That in itself may be reason enough to book an initial session.

As strongly evidenced by working through the coronavirus pandemic, online tutoring has proved to be very successful indeed for 95% of our students. That includes children and young adults with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, PDA and other special and additional needs.

My child has ADHD or focus and concentration issues. Will online tutoring sessions work for my child?
Children with ADHD and focus and concentration issues generally benefit from multi-sensory support. studies suggest that the ability to create an interactive classroom or tutoring session is becoming easier than ever. technology actually allows for a lot of interactive and multisensory activities. Perhaps more than you realise. Indeed,

My child has autism (including high-functioning autism). Will online tutoring sessions work for my child?
With the large variety of resources and activities available, sessions for children and young adults with autism have proved very useful. It is still possible to incorporate structures and strategies that support those with autism; e.g. visual timetables, social stories, visual techniques, breaking down concepts and developing comprehension skills, into the sessions using interactive whiteboards, annotating tools and screen-sharing.

My child has general anxiety. Will online tutoring sessions work for my child?
Online sessions offer a different dynamic between the specialist tutor and the child. For some, online sessions are less daunting than face-to-face and remote sessions could perhaps be the answer.

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