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On your next holiday why not provide your children with the perfect balance between adventure, fun, and academics? Commonly known as the ‘brain-drain’ or ‘Summer Slip’, our SENsational Tutors fill the gap in learning that occurs during the holidays. Individually planned to support your child’s educational or behavioural needs, your SENsational Tutors will provide daily or weekly learning excursions and adventures based on your child’s interests to give them a sensational learning experience to ignite a love of learning and prepare them for the return to school!

Whether you are staying in the UK or travelling abroad, your travelling tutor will go the ‘extra-mile’ to provide the highest-quality service.

You will receive:

  • A fulfilling, lively and active personalised daily or weekly schedule to meet your holiday plans;​​
  • Tools and solution-focused strategies to support your child at home beyond your holiday;
  • Recourses and ideas to support behavioural and academic concerns;
  • Nurture, care and understanding towards your child’s special needs;

Available for 4 hours to 6 weeks!​​

Prices vary depending on the skills and experience of your chosen SENsational Tutor and travel and accommodation costs will be considered as additional.


SENsational Tutors have been travelling to support families all over the world including Israel, Marbella, Tel Aviv, New York, Indonesia….Needless to say that trips on our doorstep in London are also always a huge success! We have incorporated learning experiences whilst visiting the Science Museum and Transport Museum, going on camping holidays, during horse-riding experiences, engaging in karate and trampolining sessions, performing dancing and gymnastic routines … we have done it all!

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