Separation Anxiety and mental development

When mothers ask me what happens when separation anxiety sets in I answer that it’s a very good sign of mental development and it points out at how fundamentally important is attachment for human beings. Of course the first attachment is often to the mother. When children learn in a emotionally healthy and positive environment they also increase their healthy attachment opportunities to people other than the family. They have to adapt to different attachment styles and teacher’s personalities. 

Find Teachers who are  Role Models

I would always suggest to choose teachers who can see the positive in their pupils and preserve to make that positivity and potential into a reality.

Teachers have an opportunity to become Good role models that can positive affect any child and especially the ones who need external support, those with separation anxiety or children who come from problematic backgrounds.

Communication with Therapist when dealing with Separation Anxiety

In my experience as a Psychodynamic psychotherapist I realise how fundamentally important it is to work on the attachment between me and the client as we revisit childhood experiences when dealing with separation anxiety.

Good opportunities to increase positive self confidence are to be found everywhere and especially in the teaching environments.

Rivka Mennesson is an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist with 10 years experience both in private and public sectors. She has an MA from the Tavistock and a PGdip from the WPF and specialises in depression, anxiety disorders, loss and bereavement.

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