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Our maths tutor in London gives her tips on how to motivate your child in maths

Maths can be one of the subjects that children find the most challenging at school. Our maths tutor in London, Sabrena Issace gives us her easy maths tips to help revive your child’s passion for the subject and to show them that learning maths can actually be fun!

What is your goal?

Before you start teaching, think of what you specifically want your children to learn. Do you want them to be able to add 2-digit numbers using the column addition method, do you want them to learn equivalent fractions? Once the learning intentions are clear, then you can focus on creating lessons that are fun and engaging with or without your maths tutor in London!

Use outside space

I am a firm believer that using outdoor space is a more fun way to help children to remember their learning rather than sitting at a desk. Whenever possible, use the garden, go to a park, or even the floor of your living room – anything with the space to get them up and moving.

Get active

A great tool for learning times tables is a bean bag. I use these in my maths lessons almost every day and the children love it – they think they are playing a game. Simply write a times tables question on a whiteboard or piece of paper and toss the bean bag to them. They need to be able to answer the question before the bean-bag reaches them. Speed it up to make it even more challenging!

Stay positive

Always use positive language with your child no matter how frustrating it can get and praise them for even the smallest accomplishment. Online maths games are a great additional tool for visual learners. Here is a list of my favourite websites which you could try using at home with your child to help engage them further:

Make it a game

Whenever possible, use numerical resources that can be found around the home such as playing cards, dice from board games, dominoes etc. to keep it fun! Children love a bit of competition so use the timer on your phone – they have to complete an activity before a set time or see how long it takes them to do a challenge. Keep records and see if they can beat their previous targets!

Don’t give up

No matter how daunting the subject can become, don’t give up. It’s important to maintain a growth mindset not a fixed mindset with subjects that may pose a challenge to your child.

If you feel that supporting your child with Maths tuition is not your strongest point, ask for help!

Maths tutors in London

Our specialist Maths tutors in London prepare active, fun and play-based learning sessions to make your child’s experience with Maths fun! This will boost their confidence and inspire a love of learning. choose from 1:1 summer holiday booster sessions available throughout the summer or 1:1 active tuition sessions available throughout the year!

Sabrena Issace. is a qualified primary school teacher with four years’ experience. She has a BA Primary Education qualification from Roehampton University with Qualified Teacher Status.


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