Holiday Booster Sessions

Bridge the Summer Learning Gap with our fun Holiday Booster Sessions

Almost every parent is anxious during the summer holiday when they realise the return to school means new routines, new teachers, new friends and heightened academic expectations. Many parents wonder how their children are going to cope – especially those children who are making the significant leap from nursery to reception, reception to year 1, or across any Key Stages (e.g. year 4 to year 5). SENsational Tutors Ltd. offer you the opportunity to feel reassured and comforted in the knowledge that help is at hand!

We offer a series of fun creative and active bespoke 1:1 booster sessions in London during the school holidays.

Our play and activity-based learning opportunities with your private SENsational Tutor will target your child’s areas of special educational needs or simply give them a fun boost to bridge the summer learning gap and to ensure that your child arrives at school on their first day, with happiness and the confidence to succeed!

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