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At SENsational Tutors Ltd, we aim to inspire a love of learning through fun and exciting activities. We carefully match tutors, specialists and therapists to families, and use children’s interests to plan tailor-made, play-based 1:1 sessions and tuition packages. Our carefully selected specialists can provide a boost in your child’s academic performance, communication or behaviour, or a combination of all the above.

We help all children including those who are gifted and talented, have additional educational and behavioural needs, and those with a diagnosis of (or possible) autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, focus and attention issues, general concerns around anxiety or confidence, global developmental delay, general academic/ social/ emotional/ behavioural difficulties, language and processing difficulties or any other learning needs.

We are different to many other agencies as we keep children’s happiness and enjoyment at the heart of everything we do. Our unique method boosts children's independence and confidence, while powerfully developing all areas of their development.

Our services are available across London and your child can be supported in the comfort of their home. Get in touch with Joanna or search for a specialist tutor near you to begin your child's private tutoring journey with us.



Meet Our Director Joanna Gibbs

Joanna’s career working with children started when she worked as a behaviour and educational advisor for the National Health Service. She has an exceptional understanding of the primary years curriculum and the training, experience, and skills necessary to be able to plan and deliver exceptional educational and behavioural support to all children and families.

Following attendance at the University of Leeds where she completed her undergraduate degree in Linguistics and Phonetics, she enthusiastically worked as a Behavioural Needs Assistant within a NHS multidisciplinary team in Coventry, UK.

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Our Team of Educational Consultants

We have a dedicated team of Educational Consultants who are experts in special educational needs, offering a variety of services suitable for all families.

Our consultants have a range of professional experience and expertise and are here to assist parents of children with special educational needs with any issues related to schools and education, as well as to provide advice to parents with children with SEN.

As we all know, each child is different and there is no such thing as the ‘’perfect’’ school. Our specialist consultants help parents choose the right school for their child by looking at the individual needs of each child as well as the needs of the whole family.

Our team of expert educational professionals offer practical strategies and interventions for parents to use at home in order to help children with special educational needs and provide recommendations for local services or other SEN professionals.

Other services include information on independent schools, assessments and entry requirements.

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A highly experienced teacher and 1:1 tutor, specialising in English, primary school education and many SEN areas.

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Lucy R


Lucy provides services across South London, including Richmond.


Michael H


Michael is Head of Learning Support and a member of the Senior Management Team in an expanding Preparatory School in North London.  His role includes assessment and pupil tracking across the school, including EYFS,  Inclusion, additional needs and learning support across the pre-prep and preparatory departments as well as co-ordinating English as an additional language (EAL), very able children, and other children with a very widely spread ability range.




Jay is a father of two boys with SEN. Alongside working for SENsational Tutors, he is also a Strategic Learning Consultant and advises local and national government on SEN and Disability policy, including the Disability Student Allowance. Jay is a speaker to educational audiences on key issues such as EHCPs and Pupil Premium Grants. He has successfully attended tribunals on behalf of Local Authorities, whilst also working on behalf of parents on other occasions.

Jay tutors students on behalf of local authorities, who are non - attenders at mainstream schools, working in conjunction with their official placement, parents and the authorities themselves. He is also an ambassador and voluntary tour guide for the Science Museum.

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Linda K


Provides services in South London, including Surrey and Twickenham.

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Provides services across South London, including Croydon.