About Me

Qualified Teacher (1st Class Hons in Primary Education) with Mathematics Specialism
Early Years and Primary Specialist

Tutor Specialisms and Experience
  • Primary
  • KS1/KS2 Teacher
  • Academic challenges – primary general
  • Maths
  • English
  • Spelling and reading
  • Phonics and reading
  • Speech and communication
  • Social emotional and/ or behaviour challenges
  • Memory and processing challenges
  • Fine and/ or gross motor skills
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Focus and attention
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Autism
Experience, training and skills

I have been working with children for 5 years, starting as a volunteer, and then a meal-time supervisor whilst volunteering in class as a teaching assistant (TA). Shortly after that, I became a class TA where I also supported children 1:1 with academic and emotional needs to boost their confidence. This experience encouraged me to bravely step back into the world of university, to complete my Primary Teaching BA Hons Degree. During my 3 years of extensive education, I trained in 3 schools, first in Reception/Early Years, Year 5 and finally Year 1. In addition, I completed a voluntary school-based training in a Special Needs School in North London, and then consequently worked there as a TA during the long holiday that university students get! Step by step, I discovered that I had a real love for teaching and working with children.

At the end of the university journey, I continued to work in my last placement school as an interventions teacher and gained a first class honours degree in Primary Education with QTS and Maths Specialism, and now work as a Year 3 class teacher in a North London Junior School.

In addition, I have been tutoring children every weekend since 2015, privately and in a tutoring centre. Children who came to the centre were from 4- 14 years. Support was given for Literacy, Maths, Phonics and Reading/Comprehension and children were taught in groups of 6.

Privately, I still continue to tutor children (3-8 years old) in Literacy, Maths, Phonics and Reading/Comprehension, communication, social skills, fine and gross motor skills (depending on each individual child’s needs). I have taken some of these children on trips to the zoo, farm, museums, Kidzania, shopping and the library to gain necessary experiences to enrich their language and ideas.

I have worked in Summer Camps too (including SENsational Summer Camps!) which incorporated the use of fun, play-based learning which although is not a conventional style of teaching, it is an enjoyable, effective and memorable way for children to learn and a style I sometimes adopt when teaching.

My Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is: "The only thing that gets me up in the morning."

Children are wonderfully creative. They have the ability to imagine what we, as adults, can never imagine and they have the ability to learn and develop at rapid speeds, but only if and when given enough time, effort, love and attention which needs to be focused on them and their needs. Teaching and learning intertwine as one, as both the teacher and child do both in the shared experience. Only when you learn about the child, can you teach that child. The personal experiences that they cherish, and love and are proud of, are those moments that the teacher needs to know in order to encourage and gain the necessary bond for effective learning. This is something I truly believe in.

Something sensational about me

I am an enthusiastic, positive and creative person who loves to learn in order to become a better person and a better teacher. Before I stepped into the world of education, I was a designer for a watch brand, based in central London. I knew I enjoyed being creative but working in a design office was not the right path for me, so I decided to try tutoring. After a few months of tutoring my friend’s children, I knew instantly what my next step would be.
I left the design job and offered some volunteering work in schools to check that I was ready for a career move. Step by step, I developed a deeper understanding of teaching and learning, and moved on to becoming a teaching assistant, then completed a full time 3 years Primary Education degree BA Hons with Mathematics Specialism. I am currently a very grateful Year 3 class teacher in a North London School.

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