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4 Ways to Boost your Child’s Self Esteem

4 Ways to Boost your Child’s Self Esteem Kindly written by Bhavita, a qualified primary years and secondary school teacher with 16+ years experience and Autism and SEN specialism. Bhavita works for SENsational Tutors Ltd.  Parents can register for FREE here Does your child ever end up in tears when he or she gets a question wrong? Or […]


SEN-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

SEN-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas Written by Dana Latter, author of “Against the Odds” for SENsational Tutors Ltd.  You can register for FREE with SENsational Tutors Ltd. here Buying gifts for Christmas can be overwhelming and very stressful, especially when searching for new toys for children. It seems like children these days already have too many toys and we […]

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5 Autumn-Inspired Holistic Learning Activities for Children

With numerous seasonal changes, Autumn is the perfect opportunity for children to explore and develop different skills. The holistic approach to learning encourages children to be confident, creative and independent learners. It  aims to create a learning  process of  exploration, self-improvement and connection. The approach fosters a love for learning through a child’s interests.  Children are […]