Refer a Friend


Tell your friends about our private tutors and you could claim some excellent rewards!


All you have to do is get them to register with us for FREE and you and they will get 25% off their first fun tutoring session* after they book a tutor with us.


You’ll get a £20 Amazon voucher for recommending them as well!



*Based on booking a minimum of 10 sessions with SENsational Tutors Ltd. 25% discount taken off the first session only. Non-refundable or exchangeable. T&Cs apply. See below for more info.




Terms & Conditions

    • Am I eligible to ‘refer a friend’?

Yes, any existing SENsational Tutors Ltd. customer/parent can refer a friend as long as you have registered as a parent via the website and previously booked sessions with us. It’s FREE, quick and easy to register if you haven’t done so yet!

    • How can I claim my reward?

Simply share this link: with a friend and once they register as a parent and book a tutor for a minimum of 10 sessions, you will receive your £20 amazon voucher. Your friend will then also receive 25% off the first tutoring session.

    • How many ‘refer a friends’ can I make?

They are unlimited, so keep on sharing! Simply get any number of your friends to book a minimum of 10 sessions each, and that’s it!

    • How can my friend claim the reward?

Your friend simply mentions your name at the time of booking or when making contact through the website:

    • When will my friend get the reward?

As soon as sessions are booked and payment details are discussed - as simple as that!

    • When do I get my reward?

After your friend has registered online, booked, paid and completed at least 10 tutoring sessions.

    • How many sessions does my friend have to book?

A minimum of 10 sessions. 25% discount will be taken off the first session only. The remaining 9 sessions will be charged at full-price.

    • Why hasn’t my reward arrived?

Please notify us if you believe you should have received your £20 voucher.

    • What if my friend doesn’t want 10 sessions?

Your friend is committed to 10 sessions as minimum for you to receive your £20 voucher and for them to be eligible for 25% off their first session.

    • How can I check the status of my reward?

Simply contact us to ask for an update:

    • Can I use the reward as a discount for a future booking?

Yes! If you would prefer to use the £20 as a discount against your tutoring sessions, please let us know.

    • What happens if my friend cancels their booking?

If your friend cancels their booking or does not pay for a minimum of 10 sessions (1 session with 25% discount), you will not be eligible for your £20 voucher.

    • How will my friend and I receive the reward payment?

You will receive your Amazon voucher via email and your friend’s invoice will reflect the 25% off the first session at time of booking.