BA Cultural Studies,

Post Graduate in Early Years Teaching,

BA Cultural Studies,

Post Graduate in Early Years Teaching,

About Me

Australian QTS equivalent teacher
Early Years Specialist

Tutor Specialisms and Experience
  • EYFS Teacher
  • Academic challenges – primary general
  • English
  • Spelling and reading
  • Speech and communication
  • Gifted and talented
  • Social emotional and/ or behaviour challenges
  • Fine and/ or gross motor skills
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Other
Experience, training and skills

I am a fully registered VIT (Australian QTS equivalent) Early Years Teacher.  In Australia, I completed my Early Years Teaching BA, focusing on a holistic approach to learning, through play, mindfulness, music and nature.

I mentored under an Art Therapy specialist and trained at a Outdoor Kindergarten, where we focused on children’s relationship with the environment, nature-play, tree-climbing, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nature walks, music, chanting and dance.

I have a holistic approach to learning and am an advocate for nature-based play learning. Studies have shown that time learning in nature can positively impact children’s learning ability and focus. As well as reduce symptoms of ADD, ADHD and Autism.

As an advocate for developing learning through children’s own interests and building their confidence, self esteem and love for learning, I aim to create a trusting environment, where children are heard and their interests nurtured. These interests are fostered through play based learning and exploration with nature.

Studies have shown a direct correlation between children’s physical abilities and their literacy development. Through outdoor exploration and play and the development of gross motor skills, children can grow their physical abilities, confidence and feeling of empowerment.

A part of the programme is integrating yoga and mindfulness into learning, which is highly beneficial to all learners.

Experience working with children from age 3 to adult

Marte Meo – training



Language Awareness

English as a Second Language Specialist

My Teaching Philosophy

I want to create a safe and holistic learning space for children and families within each session. Where children are able to express themselves . Together we can explore children's interests, by creating a nurturing environment for play based learning focused on the natural environment; children’s greatest teacher. Within nature children begin building connections and love for their environment and a sense of belonging within their world. Gross and fine motor skills are honed through exploration and play within their natural environment.  Studies have shown have a direct correlation with the development of literacy skills. In the sessions I combine natural materials and the use of the natural environment, where possible, for sensory development, alongside mindfulness practice and yoga. To foster children's confidence and a sense of wellbeing. Studies have also shown results that nature and yoga and mindfulness practice lower stress levels, increase focus and reduce symptoms in children with special educational needs and behavioural needs. And are beneficial tools for life for all learners. 

Something sensational about me

I have been working with children for the past 10 years. I began working abroad as an English Teacher and Charity Coordinator at an Orphanage in Vietnam.  I began my play-based training and infant massage. I began my wellbeing-journey in Japan, overcoming my own anxiety, I began a daily meditation practice and integrated nature connection  and became certified in Reiki.

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  • 2007
    Nottingham Trent University
    BA Cultural Studies
  • 2015
    RMIT Melbourne
    Post Graduate in Early Years Teaching
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