About Me

Highly-experienced autism expert
20 years SEN experience

Tutor Specialisms and Experience
  • Academic challenges – primary general
  • Speech and communication
  • Social emotional and/ or behaviour challenges
  • Fine and/ or gross motor skills
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Autism
Experience, training and skills

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I have over 30 years of extensive and varied experience of supporting people with Autism. This has included severe challenging behaviour, non-verbal and high functioning adults and children in residential homes, independent living and schools both mainstream and specialist provision. My two eldest sons have Autism, dyspraxia, Attention deficit hyperactivity, severe dyslexia and anxiety. 

I have worked in mainstream and specialist provision schools for the past 10 years and have used many educational programs and strategies (black sheep, speech and language, PECS to encourage communication and exchanges for non-verbal autistic student, Attention Autism (trained) a program used to gain attention through entertaining the child whilst prolonging how long they can pay attention, this then transfers into learning. Visual timetables help child not to be anxious about what is coming next as well as first this and then to encourage use of favourite activity as a motivator to get student to complete task first before they can receive their preferred activity. I am very adept at understanding non-verbal cues i.e observing behaviour and mannerisms, likes and dislikes and reading when a student is becoming agitated and needs a break. I can manage challenging behaviour by understanding the need behind the anger or by using diffusing/distraction methods to calm, such as providing sensory or physical breaks or emotion cards, so student can say I’m not happy I need a break then returning to the task, simplifying tasks to suit student’s mood not just ability. I have a good knowledge of the national curriculum and how to differentiate to help students to achieve.

Trained to deliver Attention Autism/ Pecs/Tac Pac and visual timetables

NVQ Level 2 Children’s Care, Learning & Development: with optional unit on special needs provision


My Teaching Philosophy

I never give up, I believe learning should be fun and I don't believe there is a fixed way to do things.
If something does not work or make sense I enjoy finding different ways to make learning meaningful.

Choose me if…

Your child has Autism or challenging behaviours, verbal and non verbal I can help your child.

I do not work miracles but I can help improve home and school life, by supporting social skills and understanding of the world for your child.


Something sensational about me

I love cats and I have a passion for helping others and spending time with friends and family over a good meal.

Enjoy studying and see learning as a lifelong journey. I am currently studying to complete my teaching degree.

I am just finishing my second year of study with the Open university.



Walthamstow, London, UK

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