About Me

5+ years experience, qualified teacher
Early-years and sensory needs specialist
Phonics, communication and ASD specialist

Tutor Specialisms and Experience
  • EYFS Teacher
  • Spelling and reading
  • Gifted and talented
  • Memory and processing challenges
  • Fine and/ or gross motor skills
  • Focus and attention
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Autism
  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Global Developmental Delay
Experience, training and skills

I am a Early Years Primary Specialist who has been teaching for nearly 5 years. I have always specialised in supporting children with a range of additional needs. This has included children on the autism spectrum and those with social and emotional needs. I have worked as a class teacher in a range of specialist provisions, and this had allowed me to gain skills in supporting children using a large range of strategies to progress their learning. I am confident to use alternative modes of communication such as PECS and Makaton.

I have regularly helped children to develop fine and motor planning skills. I have created a range of sensory activities to engage children, particularly with additional needs, to engage and develop in this area. Through a child centred approach I have used a range of resources, from dried and wet pasta, Lego and bubble wrap across the curriculum in order for children to explore and develop strength in their fingers. Through building, posting, mark making and transferring these resources I have seen huge increase in prewriting skills.In addition, I have communicated with occupational therapists in order to develop children’s sensory motor skills through developing a daily circuit of activities. These incorporate alerting, organising and calming activities which support processing in children I have taught with difficulties in these areas. Through incorporating this I have supported children to develop their attention on task and improve their engagement as a result.


Choose me if…

Choose me if;

– your child is in early-years or primary;

– your child would benefit from a multi-sensory approach;

– if your child has language difficulties. This includes non-verbal.

Something sensational about me

I have a supportive and personable approach to supporting children with their learning. I am calm and patient and believe my outgoing nature will support children to reach their full potential



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