About Me

Qualified teacher with 11+ years SEN experience
Specialism supporting children with autism and complex needs, e.g. PMLD, CP
Extensive experience supporting children with communication difficulties

Tutor Specialisms and Experience
  • EYFS Teacher
  • KS1/KS2 Teacher
  • Fine and/ or gross motor skills
  • Focus and attention
  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Global Developmental Delay
Experience, training and skills
  • SEN teacher for 11+ years
  • Worked mainly with children with Autism but have also experience working with more complex needs, e.g. PMLD, CP etc.
  • Run workshops for parents on PECS, PECS IV+ app, Proloquo2Go, Fine motor skills and pre-writing skills
  • Training – PECS, Intensive Interaction, Social stories, TAC PAC, Attention Autism, Developing fine motor skills and pre-writing skills, Sherborne Developmental Movement, Manual Handling, behaviour management courses, phonics training, Clicker 5 & 6, ChooseIt Maker, PECS IV+ app, Proloquo2Go.
At the beginning of my employment at my current school I have been supporting and improving standards in our communication department classes. I have been also supporting Head of Communication Department in developing a differentiated and effective curriculum for EYFS and Communication Department classes. It was and still is one of targets in our School Development Plan. We have developed two years rolling plan and overview of the themes. The curriculum I teach at the moment is individualised for each of the pupils. At the beginning of the year all pupils undergo baseline assessment of their skills and then next steps are set. To make it even more specific, I use different data to record every step of their progress and use it to inform my planning, e.g. PECS data, Independent skills data that is broken down to small step that can be monitored by staff on daily basis, e.g. washing hands data, brushing teeth data, shoes on data, making drink data etc. I keep very close links with parents to support them in developing different skills at home. Parents receive targets on termly basis and if requested, recording data sheets so they can follow the same steps to keep consistency of approach. Since I started, my school get more interest in terms of Early Years pupils and excellent feedback from parents. I organise and lead home visits for new pupils where parents receive all the necessary information about our school and what is expected of them but I also support families throughout the school years in regards of pupils’ progress and skills but also behaviour. At the end of the school year I take part in pupils’ transition meetings where all the professionals meet together for a smooth transition of pupils to their new settings (from the nursery/different school to Corbets Tey School).
As the EYFS lead at school I work closely with my Head Teacher and deputy head on key elements of school improvement plan related to EYFS as well as development and standards of pupils communication at school. I took part in meetings were I had to analyse data of my pupils progress in different areas of EYFS and how this can be used to improve our practice further.
Throughout my teaching job I worked successfully with a range of different professionals including teaching assistants, other teachers, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Physio Therapists, Music Therapists, Drama Therapists as well as Dance Therapists. In the recent years I have been working with students with different eating disorders and had to communicate with Great Ormond Street Feeding Specialist. They’ve been impressed with the strategies I’ve been using (some of them they even haven’t heard about, e.g. Ooey Gooey) and the effect they had on pupils. One of my pupils stopped eating and lived on a special milk formula for the last two years. Due to the approaches I use, she is now eating crisps, rainbow drops, biscuits and popcorn. She is also happy to taste food in a liquid form, e.g. different sauces, yoghurt, ice cream or mash potatoes.
I have been ICT Coordinator at my first school I worked for. I had to develop ICT policy for school. I attended many ICT courses and then trained staff at school. I had to observe other teachers’ practice and support them if necessary. At my second school I was Maths Coordinator. It included lessons observations of other teachers and feedback as well as support if necessary. I had to report to the Governing Body about the progress school made in terms of maths. I have also organised maths trainings for staff, e.g. Very Special Maths or Bubbly Maths.
At my current school I am responsible for EYFS department as well as developing new communication approaches for children with special needs. I took part in Havering Borough EYFSP Moderation Meeting. I had my work moderated by the borough adviser and received excellent comments and feedback. As mentioned before I have been working on developing differentiated curriculum for pupils in EYFS. I have been also mentoring NQTs at our school with great results. This role included lessons observations and support with planning, using data to inform their planning, assessment, differentiation and teaching strategies, behaviour management,  working effectively with other staff members as well as reporting to the borough about their progress and achievements.
Throughout my time at school I delivered a range of different training for staff and parents and received very good feedback. The trainings included “Fine motor skills development and early writing skills”, “Different stages of PECS”, “Using Proloquo2Go and PECS IV+ app to support pupils communication”, “Intensive Interaction and TAC PAC”, “How to use Attention Autism to develop pupils attention, turn taking and engagement in lessons”, “Clicker 5 and Widget resources” etc. I have also represented our school on the SEN Conference for Mainstream School and run workshops on TAC PAC as well as PECS / PECS IV+ app.
In my role as the EYFS lead I have to manage a team of 6 teaching assistants. I deliver training and support them on daily basis with setting next goals for pupils they work with. All the individualised and differentiated targets are displayed in classroom for easy access. All members of staff know that I am always there for them if they experience any difficulties or need further guidance. I’ve been also supporting KS1 teacher in terms of teaching as well as class and behaviour management.
I always look to develop my own skills and take part in a range of CPD meetings or training to make sure that I use the newest approaches in terms of supporting pupils with a range of additional needs.
My Teaching Philosophy

Through play and fun every child can get interested in learning at their right level.

Choose me if…

  • You have a younger child with communication or social skills difficulties
  • Your child has autism
  • You need support with using different communication approaches, e.g. PECS, Intensive Interaction, TAC PAC
  • You want to work on your child’s attention skills
  • Your child needs to develop their fine and gross motor skills
  • Your child needs to develop their self-help / life skills

Something sensational about me

I am passionate about supporting young people, especially their communication and self-help skills. I believe that every child can learn to communicate effectively with the right support.

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