PhD (abd) (completing),



PhD (abd) (completing),

About Me

Highly experienced Physics Teacher
All UK exam boards, GCSE and A-Level.
Secondary mainstream and Independent
Extensive experience supporting children students with a variety of learning difficulties, physical disabilities, or mental health difficulties.

Tutor Specialisms and Experience
  • Secondary
  • Post 16
  • Maths
  • Gifted and talented
  • Autism
  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • GCSEs,A-level,university
  • Other
Experience, training and skills

I am a highly experienced Physics Teacher, all UK exam boards, GCSE and A-Level. I have taught in 6th Form Colleges, Secondary State Schools and Independent Schools and Colleges. I keep in contact with many very successful ex-students who have graduated from Russell Group Universities, some with Master, and some with Ph.D. degrees. I have Qualified Teacher Status registered with the DFES in the U.K. and I have Instructor and Counsellor credentialed status with the California Community Colleges.

I have taught many students with varying degrees of learning difficulty, or physical disabilities, or mental health difficulties. Many of these students have progressed to become successful professionals. In my formal teaching roles, I have taken students on trips to CERN and Nuclear and Particle Masterclasses at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories in Oxford. I am a member of a number of Physics teacher networks and I regularly update my own Physics knowledge and teaching skills by attending CPD sessions at schools and universities all over London organised by the Institute of Physics, or the Ogden Trust, or University Departments.

I have worked in Industry, Mental Health, Social Work, University, Community College, Schools, and Sixth Form Colleges, State and Independent settings in the UK and the USA. I have a BSc and a Master degree and I have undertaken Ph.D. studies.


My Teaching Philosophy

Firstly I need to know and understand my subject very well. I need to know what areas of the syllabus students find difficult to understand and grasp. I need to have at my fingertips myriad numerous resources from textbooks to Web Sites to videos to software simulations to past papers from all exam boards and exemplary questions and answers from examiner reports. I use these resources in order to find a way that works best for any individual student.

I start by finding out from students where they are having difficulty and while working on these topics and problems I diagnose any learning deficits or gaps or weaknesses in prior knowledge or understanding or behaviours, that interfere with effective learning and then I work with the student to develop their awareness of these issues and to create a program of improvement and remediation of their difficulties.

With some students, I need to provide resources that will stretch and challenge them to raise their attainment, rather than deal with remediation of any deficits.
The development of my depth of knowledge and understanding of my subject allow me to create explanations and insight for students that deepen their understanding of the subject, so as to allow them to become independent self-directed learners.

My goal is to develop students’ knowledge and learning behaviour to the point where they no longer need me and can become independent self-directed learners able to diagnose their own difficulties and research the solutions to any difficulties that they are experiencing.

Choose me if…

You want a very experienced, very effective, Physics Tutor, Teacher, who will help you overcome your own misunderstandings and difficulty with the subject matter and who will challenge and stretch you to develop and increase your understanding of Physics and ability to achieve higher grades in external assessments.
You want a Teacher, Tutor, who enjoys the subject and tries to stay knowledgeable about current developments in the field and will try to help you develop your enjoyment of learning Physics.

Something sensational about me

I have lived and worked in multiple countries across 3 continents. I spend every Summer in Africa and I SCUBA dive in Mozambique and South Africa where I have many friends and I provide financial support to some disadvantaged people and children. I lived in California for many years and worked at the University of California Santa Barbara and Berkeley Campuses.



128 Salusbury Road, London, UK

  • 1976
    University of Witwatersrand
  • 1982
    Antioch International Ohio USA

  • University of California Santa Barbara
    PhD (abd) (completing)
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