MA in Law, Human Rights; 2.1,

PGCE with QTS (ICT),

BSc (Hons) Politics / Sociolinguistics; 2.1,

BSc (Hons) in Computing; 2.1,

CELTA Cambridge,

MA in Law, Human Rights; 2.1,

PGCE with QTS (ICT),

BSc (Hons) Politics / Sociolinguistics; 2.1,

BSc (Hons) in Computing; 2.1,

CELTA Cambridge,

About Me

Qualified and highly experienced teacher
English and Maths specialist teacher
SEN experience
Complete 11 plus preparation
10+ years classroom experience and private tutoring
CELTA Cambridge, EFL/ ESL/ EAL teacher
Complete essay and academic writing

Tutor Specialisms and Experience
  • Secondary
  • KS3/KS4 Teacher
  • Academic challenges – secondary general
  • Maths
  • English
  • Spelling and reading
  • Gifted and talented
  • Educational Consultancy
  • Memory and processing challenges
  • Focus and attention
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Autism
  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dyspraxia
  • 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ entrance examinations
  • GCSEs,A-level,university
  • Other
  • SEN other
Experience, training and skills

I am a fully qualified, experienced and highly-skilled teacher. I specialise in tutoring both English and Maths to students aged 11 to undergraduate. I have substantial experience supporting children with SEN ( including dyslexia, ASD, communication/ memory/ reading difficulties), as well as essay and academic writing. Developing a meaningful, trusting relationship with my students is very important; I am very nurturing and positive, and always ensure that my students feel relaxed and comfortable when we are working together. I tailor-make all of my sessions to match the specific needs of the students.  Alongside supporting children to advance academically, I ensure my 1:1 personalised sessions help to develop a student’s sense of worth, and that they are left feeling successful and accomplished.

I have a very thorough understanding of how to utilise successful  strategies  and techniques to enhance and improve students’ short-term and long-term memory. These include creating creative mnemonics, acronyms, abbreviations, pegwords (words that rhyme with numbers and are used to build associations with information to be remembered), chunking, graphic organisers and flow-charts. These can be integrated into any tutoring session, as necessary.

One strategy I use with students to boost their confidence is to encourage them to self-reflect. This empowers them as individuals, which subsequently improves their self-esteem alongside independence. It empowers them to become the best versions of themselves. I believe in the growth-mindset principal, and throughout my sessions I will often ask them to reflect on their own achievements, using questions such as;

– What areas are you most confident in?

– How did you get to be so confident in this area?

– How can the ways your confidence grew in another area help you grow more confident in other areas?

– How can you help other people grow more confident?

In addition, I have a CELTA Cambridge and very able to support children who speak English as a second or additional language. I recently supported a student to gain a distinction in her academic essay about The Internet of Things at London South Bank University. I provide a full essay and writing package to include: – the structure of writing and assignments;– writing for a given purpose (e.g. to argue / persuade / describe, etc.);– sentence length variation and complexity;– use of diverse punctuation;– choice of topic-specific vocabulary and literary techniques;– developing confidence in writing. I am also able to provide complete 11+ preparation including maths, numerical reasoning, English (comprehension and composition), verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

My recent 11+ tutoring success (2017 – 2018 preparation) has been my student’s admission to Woodford County High School for Girls. I am currently preparing two students for the Godolphin and Latymer and Wycombe Abbey.“Ms. Copeland prepared my son for his 11 + exams to Ilford County Grammar School for Boys. I am most satisfied with her ongoing support as my son is currently in the highest set in maths and English (Master Level). Ms Copeland has managed to develop such a unique and positive working relationship with my children that they cannot imagine any other tutoring scenario. They truly look forward to their sessions and consider them genuine fun.” – the mum of a very happy student, London.

My specific Special Educational Needs (SEN) teaching experience is outlined below:

February 2019 – Present

1.5-2 hours per week, Maths tuition to prepare for 11 plus examination

Female pupil (10 years)



– Sensory processing disorder

September 2018 – Present

15 h per week; 1-to-1 tuition

Female pupil (10 years old)


–          Smith – Magenis syndrome

–          ADHD

–          Microcephaly

–          Intellectual / learning disability

–          Significant speech and language delay or speech difficulties

–          Behavioural difficulties (including self-injurious behaviour and aggression towards others)

February – July 2018

5 h per week; 1-to-1 tuition

Male pupil (14 years old)


–          ADHD

–          Difficulties regulating his sensory system, requiring a need to touch and fiddle with objects

–          Difficulties with fine motor skills which impacted on his handwriting

–          Hypersensitivity to noises, affecting his ability to concentrate (considerable attention deficit)

February 2018

Female pupil (8 years old)

5 h per week: 1-to-1 tuition


–          Autistic Spectrum Disorder

–          Significant language delay and a pattern of behaviours

–          Special educational needs in the following areas:

Language and Communication

Cognition and learning

Social, emotional and behavioural development

Physical and sensory

October 2017 – March 2018

Male pupil (7 years old)

20 h per week: 1-to-1 tuition


–          Right frontocentral cortical dysplasia

–          Functional disconnection with interior part of the corpus callosum

–          Resection and disconnection of right hemisphere in May 2010 with resection of anterior part of corpus callosum and disconnection of frontal polar and orbital regions of frontal lobe in November 2011, left sided hemiparesis

–          Severe learning difficulties (marked cognitive and development delay, visual and hearing impairment)

–          Intractable epilepsy

  1. September 2016 – July 2017

Male pupil (12 years old)

2 h per week: 1-to-1 tuition

Diagnosis: Global Development Delay

My Teaching Philosophy

"Per ardua ad astra" = Through hardship / hard work to the stars

Choose me if…

You require:

– An excellent, highly experienced and fun English and Maths tutor;

– A passionate, nurturing tutor who boosts confidence and self-esteem;

– A tutor who uses a variety of creative strategies to develop independence, memory (short-term and long term) and organisation skills;

– A phenomenal academic and essay writing tutor;

– A teacher that delivers results.

Something sensational about me

I have just completed my Masters’ of Law in Human Rights (2.1) and I am applying to do a PhD in Law.



Pimlico, London, UK

  • Saturday

    3pm - 7pm

  • Sunday

    9am - 2.30pm

  • Monday

    10:00 - 19:00

  • Wednesday

    13:00 - 15:00

  • 2018
    Birkbeck, University of London
    MA in Law, Human Rights; 2.1
  • 2007
    University of Gloucestershire
    PGCE with QTS (ICT)
  • 2004
    The Open University
    BSc (Hons) Politics / Sociolinguistics; 2.1
  • 2006
    University of Worcester
    BSc (Hons) in Computing; 2.1
  • 2008
    University of Cambridge
    CELTA Cambridge
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