BSc Speech Sciences 1st,

BSc Speech Sciences 1st,

About Me

Speech And Language Therapist specialising in early years, under 5 years old.
Specialist language support for children with a range of communication and speech difficulties including autism, global development delay and developmental language disorder.

Tutor Specialisms and Experience
  • Early Years
  • Speech Therapy
Experience, training and skills

I am a Speech and Language Therapist working in the Early Years Team. I have experience in working with children with a wide range of speech and language difficulties, for example autism, global development delay, developmental language disorder, in a clinic and nursery setting as well as at home in my previous job as a special needs nanny.

I carry out a range of informal and formal assessments, gathering information from the family as well as other professionals involved, in order to gain a holistic view of the child’s communication abilities. I use my knowledge of normal child development in order to decide if therapy is indicated or not. I work collaboratively with parents and nursery staff to set goals and provide intervention. This ensures that the goals for therapy are functional, and the support in clinic is generalised to the home and nursery environments. I am able to carry out a range of interventions for children under 5, from individual speech sound sessions to group social communication sessions, and am able to choose the appropriate intervention for each child based on a thorough assessment process.

– Speech and Language Therapist at Central London Community Health Care (2012 –2013)

Assessing pre-school children’s communication skills and referring to other agencies.

Carrying out individual therapy and language groups.

Training Nursery Practitioners in a variety of packages, for example in the use of Adult Child Interaction Strategies.

– Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at Central London Community Health Care (2014 – present)

Carrying out assessments and individual and group speech and language therapy.

Supervising Speech and Language Therapy assistant and student Speech and Language Therapists.

Developing a specialism in dysfluency.

Writing Education and Health Care Plans and carrying out therapy in line with the recommendations made.

Collating monitoring data from nurseries in the whole of the borough to present to the commissioners.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that children learn best by having fun and this is reflected in my therapy activities.

Choose me if…

You are looking for your child to have fun and learn at once! I pride myself on my ability to build a rapport with children and their families, and believe that this makes me stand out from the rest.

Something sensational about me

I love working with children as I’m a child at heart! I am also an England Athletics qualified Running Leader and organise a running group for people affected by mental health difficulties. I love learning languages myself, from French and Spanish in school to Italian from my husband 😊 I hope that one day I will be able to talk to my extended family without needing help, just like the kids I see!



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  • BSc Speech Sciences 1st
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