Educational Assessments and Reports

Making SENse of your child’s educational needs

An educational assessment and report may be useful if one or more of the statements below is true…

  • You have a sense that your child is just not fulfilling their potential;
  • You would like to support your child in gaining further skills, confidence and self-esteem;
  • You are considering 4+, 7+ or 11+ entrance examinations or private tuition/

You will receive:

  • A full English and Maths academic assessment in accordance with the UK National Curriculum/ exam expectations;
  • A written, bespoke success plan;
  • A 20 minute concluding phone consultation;
  • Free solution-focused, practical advice for use at home;
  • Free personalised reading lists for extra support at home.

Book a private educational assessment and report with us

A 1:1 assessment in the comfort of your own home or at a location chosen by you

Duration: at least 4 hours, normally completed over a couple of sessions

Cost: £120 per hour plus £60 per hour for the analysis and write-up

Your questions answered

All parents want their children to be happy, yet there are always some challenges. Some parents become aware of their child's struggles either from hearing it directly, from their teacher or just as a natural response from being a loving parent. Other parents feel frustrated that they are just not getting the information that they expect from the school. The question "how is my child doing in class?", or "where is my child in relation to their peers?" is often responded to with vagueness. Parents are left feeling confused and wanting to know more. That is just one area where an assessment can help.

Yes. It is important that you mention this when making a booking as our assessors will test specific skills relating to your child's specific entrance examination; i.e. verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and interview performance.

1. Unlike others we report learning behaviours and character alongside your child's educational performance. Many parents ask us 'do you think my child has the ability to achieve?'. We seek to identify your child's natural potential and then point you in the right direction.

2. We recognise and understand the frustration and concern that you may be feeling in realising that your child is just not reaching that milestone. With our friendly and empathetic approach we will always try to go the 'extra-mile'.

3. We offer a solution-focused approach to counteract the challenges that your child may be facing. These may be ideas for strategies, interventions, games and activities to use at home.

​We use the National Curriculum and other specialist assessment material. The completed report is highly detailed and may include the following subsections -

Maths; number and place-value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, geometry (shapes), geometry (position and direction), statistics.

English; reading, comprehension, spelling, handwriting, writing (composition), vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spoken language.

Specialist assessments for entrance examinations may include verbal and non-verbal reasoning assessments as appropriate.

Yes, 50% of the children that we assess have a confirmed diagnosis or undergoing further tests. Depending on your child's level of need and ability it may be more suitable to book for a written report to be completed in your own home or in a familiar setting. Please CLICK HERE to contact us to discuss this further.

Not at all. Although we would love to have the opportunity to support you and your child further, we aim for our written assessments and reports to provide you with the information necessary so that you can fill those learning gaps and/or behavioural concerns in a way that best suits you. There is absolutely no obligation to continue using our services. A recommendation to others wouldn't hurt though!

Our team is comprised of the most highly experienced and qualified teachers. Our teachers are not only responsible for compiling and writing the reports, but they are also equip to recognise any behaviours, social or sensory challenges. 11+ entrance examination assessments are completed by our specialist 11+ assessors, who have the appropriate assessment qualifications.

The assessment will take approximately 2 hours to complete. Breaks will be allocated as necessary. We aim for the following reports returned to you within 7 days.

Please don't! That is why we are here. We have many years experience supporting Mums and Dads just like you. With our 'solution-focused' approach we can quickly tend to any areas of need so that you can be content in the knowledge that your child can soon be unlocking and fulfilling their potential - just like you have always hoped.

As a team of professional teachers we have the skills necessary to implement strategies and tools to support children with diagnosis but we are not able to diagnose. The written reports are intended to determine where your child is in relation to the targets and expectations established in the National Curriculum.

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