⁃ Do you have a daughter, other female relative or a friend with a diagnosis autism (ASD)?

– Are you worried about their level of anxiety and mental health? 🧠

⁃ Would you like to learn tips and ideas to boost their confidence, sense of worth and self-belief? 🤩

Then our SENsational Tutors Facebook Live, on THIS page this Thursday at 9pm is for you!

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You will learn about:

1. How to identify autism in females with autism (ASD); 👧

2. The factors that affect mental health in ASD, and girls versus boys;

3. How specialist behaviour, communication 🗣 and other strategies can make a profoundly positive difference and how you can use these to help at home. 🥳

Hosted by Joanna Gibbs, founder and director of SENsational Tutors with special guests Rebecca Varrall, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Louise Gnanes-Lawrence, highly-specialist speech and language therapist; aka. directors of Autism Unravelled.

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